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 Ice cream - Espresso Cookie  - 16 OZ
NA UPC: 851666002040
 Ice Cream - Mint Chip - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery- Super Premium, Hand-Crafted Ice Cream. UPC: 851666002057
 Ice Cream - Vanilla - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery- NA UPC: 851666002002
 Sorbet - Mango- 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery- UPC: 851666002248
 Sorbet - Raspberry - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery- NA UPC: 851666002071
Ice Cream - Dirty Chocolate - 16 OZ
Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali, Butter, Sea Salt, Less Than .3% Organic Stabilizers (Guar And Carob) UPC: 851666002019
Ice Cream - Ginger - 16 OZ
Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Ginger Pulp, Candied Ginger, Less Than .3% Organic Stabilizers (Guar And Carob) UPC: 851666002026
Ice Cream - Mission Fig - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery - Mission Fig is an exceptional artisanal example of SoCo Creamery’s unique flavors and quality. Whole figs from Mission California are de-stemmed by hand and reduced to a sweet jam. The Flavormaster mixes the figs evenly into our dense sweet cream base. Every creamy bite is filled with fig, adding to the rich texture and caramel color. Whether it’s a complex complement to your favorite pie, or treat that is worth every bite, Mission Fig will become your new thing. - UPC: 851666002149
Ice Cream - Pecan Butter Crunch (Seasonal) -   16 OZ
• Buttercrunch toffee made from scratch in our old fashioned candy kettle • Layered with semi-sweet chocolate and topped with dry roasted pecans • Hand crumbled into our sweet cream base - UPC: 854609005784
Ice Cream - Salted Caramel - 16 OZ
Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Hand Crafted Caramel (Pure Cane Sugar, Cream, Sea Salt, Madagascan Vanilla Extract), Less Than .3% Organic Stabilizers (Guar And Carob) UPC: 851666002132
Ice Cream Peanut Butter Mudslide - 16 OZ
Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Peanut Butter, Organic Sandwich Cookies (Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Powdered Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa (Alkalized), Salt, Baking Soda, Organic Vanilla), Fudge Ripple (Tapioca Syrup, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Liquor), Less Than 0.3% Organic Stabilizer (Guar And Carob)
Ice Creeam -Blueberry Honey Lavender 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery- Every spoonful of SoCo Blueberry Honey Lavender ice cream captures the energy, taste and joy of Spring. Mixed in by hand is a blueberry swirl made with fresh blueberries that are poached to perfection and then reduced to a sauce. Meanwhile we steep Super Blue French Lavender in our New England ice cream for a hint of Spring. These simple natural ingredients combined with years of an obsession for perfection, create an ice cream with a bright, vivid flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness. UPC: 854609005481
Lisbon Lemon Sorbet - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery - Sweet, tart, delicate. This sorbet is made with Lisbon lemons and is the perfect balance of sour and sweet. UPC: 851666002095
Strawberry Ice Cream - 16 OZ
SoCo Creamery - A sweet, tart, and fruity jam is made in-house with only the best strawberries. It is then blended with our sweet cream base to make the best strawberry ice cream. UPC: 854609005900

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