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Ginger Snaps (Contains Sugar) - 10.6 Oz
UPC: 65452335200
Mustard Swedish Mild Yellow - 12 Oz Squeeze Bottle
Made in the style of traditional Swedish mustards Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard is creamy and flavorful. A traditional companion to Swedish potato sausage Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard will compliment any sausage or sandwich. 1/24/2008 Vendor claims this to be both Wheat Free and Gluten Free UPC: 65452300331
Mustard Swedish Spicy Brown - 12 Oz Squeeze Bottle
Made Swedish style with a unique blend of spices Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard is great on sandwiches in sauces dips and marinades. Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard won the Bronze Medal at the prestigious Napa Valley Mustard Competition in 2002. UPC: 65452300312
Onions Crispy - 4 Oz
Lars' Own Crispy Onions are all natural with onions as the #1 ingredient. These imported golden brown crispy onions add flavor and crunch to just about every dish. Take green bean casserole - and scores of other dishes - to a new level. Sprinkle the all-natural fried bits over seared ahi tuna salads baked potatoes and burger. UPC: 65452393051
Sugar Belgian Pearl Large - 8 Oz
Belgian sugar is traditionally used to make the world-famous Belgian sugar waffles. The sugar softens under the heat of the waffle iron and the size and the shape of the sugar creates crunchy pockets of sweetness. (larger chunks than the Swedish pearls) UPC: 65452300220
Sugar Swedish Pearl Small - 10 Oz
Pearl sugar is typically used in Scandinavia (and else where!) to decorate cookies cakes cinnamon rolls and much more. Try adding some color (India Tree new colors) to your baked goods by shaking the pearl sugar in a plastic bag with a few drops of food coloring. (small pearl-like round pellets)These pure white granules of sugar retain their appearance and will not melt under oven temperatures. UPC: 65452300210
Wild Swedish Lingonberries - Contains Sugar - 14 OZ
NEW! Larsí Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries Larsí Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries are handpicked in the Lapland forests of Sweden. The long exposure of sunlight, together with clean mountain air and pure water, give these sweet and tart wild berries a rich, natural, and delicious flavor. Larsí Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries boasts a high berry content - 50% - and is gently stirred with sugar. ---UPC:

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