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Thirty Acres - The pungent and sweet flavors of ginger and carrot together in a jar. UPC: 736211570048
Thirty Acres - A little effervescence and a whole lot of zip in this salt brine hot sauce. A fiery lacto fermented concoction. A new customer favorite! UPC: 736211665348
Thirty Acres - Traditional Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut with an added kick! UPC: 748252569639
Thirty Acres - Our interpretation of a traditional Korean fermented dish. Hot and spicy, sweet and salty. The diverse mix of fermented vegetables and spices creates an addictive flavor. A customer favorite! UPC: 736211569943
Thirty Acres - Deep, electric purple color and savory flavors of garlic and bay. Feed this to the kids...they will thank you! UPC: 736211569745
Thirty Acres - Traditional tangy, zippy kraut made simply with green cabbage and mineral rich sea salt. UPC: 736211569547
Thirty Acres - A European favorite! Sauerkraut enlivened with the aromatic, warm flavor of caraway seeds and a hint of refreshing juniper. UPC: 736211569646

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