Buttery Spread Natural (Vegan) - 30 Lbs

SKU: 83000
This delicious buttery spread is 100% vegan is nonhydrogenated nondairy trans fat free no preservatives lactose free gluten free no artificial color or flavor. For Healthier Pies Cookies Cakes French Fries Chicken etcetera! World's First 100% Vegan Shortening Refrigerated to Assure Performance* Non-Hydrogenated * No Trans-Fatty Acids * Patented Balance of Fats to Improve Cholesterol UPC: 03377601170 More details...
Buttery Spread Natural (Vegan) - 30 Lbs
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Product Details
Ingredients: Expeller-pressed Natural Oil Blend(Soy, Palm, Canola, and Olive), Filtered Water, Pure Salt, Natural Flavor (Derived From Corn No MSG, No Alcohol, No Gluten), Soy Protein, Soy Lecithin, Lactic Acid (Non-dairy Derived From Sugar Beets), Vitamin A, Palmitate, and Beta-Carotene Color.

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