Fish Taco Seasoning (Organic) - 12/1 OZ

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La Preferida - Did you know: the secret to full-bodied flavor is in the prep? Coat fillets in seasoning and sear in oil, no water required! Our superior cooking technique was developed by our chef who doesn’t dilute the natural flavors of the product like those “other” brands on the market. Mix in La Preferida breadcrumbs for a heartier alternative to an already fantastic fish taco. - No MSG or artificial preservatives - 0 added sugars - 15 calories per serving UPC: 7152415971 More details...
Fish Taco Seasoning (Organic) - 12/1 OZ
Fish Taco Seasoning (Organic) - 12/1 OZ
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Ingredients: *Chili Pepper, Sea Salt, *Cumin, *Paprika, *Garlic Powder, *Onion Powder, *Oregano, *Corn Starch, *Black Pepper, Citric Acid *=Organic

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