Licorice Laces (Organic) - 3.5 Oz

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Corn Candies was founded in 1984 by two parents who were concerned with what their seven children were eating. They cooked up lollipops toffees licorice and hard candies - made with organic ingredients. Organic corn malt as a base flavored with organic real fruit juices and sweetened with organic apple juice. Their children and now grandchildren have enjoyed these wholesome organic sweets for years - now yours can too. This product is made with gluten free ingredients and equipment is thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination. Candy Tree your tasty natural choice. UPC: 65563522013 More details...
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Licorice Laces (Organic) - 3.5 Oz
Licorice Laces (Organic) - 3.5 Oz
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Ingredients: Organic Molasses Organic Corn (Malt) Syrup Organic Wheat Flour Organic Unhydrogenated Coconut Oil Natural Flavor: Licorice Extract Aniseed Oil. ~

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