Policies & Procedures

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1. The minimum order depends on customer type, please contact our customer service department to determine your minimum order. All orders are COD. Special arrangements ONLY by the Accounting Department.

2. Orders may be placed between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Orders should be placed 2 business days prior to the day that your run leaves our warehouse. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE REGARDING RUNS AND DELIVERY SCHEDULE. Any schedule change that we make to accommodate holidays are posted in the catalog. Please refer to your route number when inquiring about your delivery.

3. collate your orders before calling them in, ordering total quantities of each item. Multiple entries cause errors and confusion.

4. Repacks: Items with one * are repacked in 5# increments for an additional 25 cents per pound. Two ** indicate 10# and 11# increments with an additional charge of 15 cents per pound:. Sale prices apply to full quantities only. Repacks revert to the regular price plus the repacking charge.

5. CHEAPER BY THE CASE: Most grocery and packaged items are available by the each but when purchased in a full case quantity, a 10% discount is applied. Likewise, the sale price on eaches is 10% more when purchased as a case. A 10% case discount applies to the grocery, household, haba & pet categories – frozen and refrigerated items get a 5% discount only.

6. Prices can change without notice, as prices from our suppliers fluctuate. We try to inform you of changes as you order.

7. Sales Tax: We MUST have your tax exempt number on file in our office in order to sell you taxable items without charging sales tax.

8. We try to be accurate in our descriptions and ingredients. It is important to us to represent products honestly but we cannot be responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Let us know if we are in error and we will try to correct the mistake.

9. Delivery times ARE approximate. It is impossible to estimate your delivery time until all the orders for a run are placed. Call the day of or the day before your delivery and we will try to approximate your delivery time. When inquiring about delivery schedules and times, please refer to the route number which appears on the heading of every invoice. Our drivers will do their best to let you know when to expect them and will call you ahead if you request this service when ordering. You must provide an alternate contact person and phone number if you will be unreachable the day of delivery. We will try to reach you; please try to be reachable! If you have any questions, please inquire. We’ll help if we can.

10. Please help the drivers unload your order. They have come a long way and they have a long way to go. Anticipate the truck’s arrival by scheduling personnel to help the driver unload the truck and provide an adequate site for unloading the truck that is level and off the road if possible. Walkways and stairs should be free of ice, snow and other hazards to minimize the risk of injury to our drivers and those helping them. We reserve the right to not make a delivery if doing so endangers the truck or the driver. Both are valuable to us, so we ask for your understanding if weather, road or other conditions prevent us from making your delivery. Safety is our primary concern. We reserve the right to assess a Delivery charge to accounts that do not have help for our drivers. This is a case by case assessment. You will be notified if we feel that it is appropriate to apply this charge.
*** Please verify a piece count with the driver.

11. We Cannot accept cash payments: Please do not pay our drivers in cash. They will not be able to accept cash, so payments must be made by check or money order. If this presents a problem, please contact customer service to make other payment arrangements.

12. BAD Checks: We charge $20.00 for each bounced check. Please communicate with us and avoid having your checks returned.

13. Special Order Policy: Please BE SURE that the items you special order with us, are in fact what you want. You must provide accurate and complete information about the product. We do provide pricing on special order items.
a) All special orders are pre-pay. We will not place your order unless we have received payment from you.
b) The only exception is for regular, weekly customers who may circumvent this process ONLY if we have a commitment form signed by the store manager. We will automatically bill your account for the product regardless of whether you or your customer changes their mind. There are no exceptions here, so please be sure about special orders before you make a commitment. Once we place this order with our vendor, the product belongs to you-

14. RETURN POLICY: If there are errors, damages or missing items on the order being delivered, our drivers are authorized to make the necessary invoice adjustments. Any problems with your order after the driver has left MUST be called into customer service WITHIN 7 DAYS. Be sure to ask for your credit confirmation number from the representative who assists you. The confirmation number will help expedite the credit process.
We will not be responsible for any freight charges on product returned by any means other than our trucks. If you get delivery via any common carrier, please be aware that you will NOT be able to return unwanted or damaged product. Please sign the bill of lading listing damages. We will file a claim with the trucking company who delivered your order.
Returns do not guarantee credit will be issued. All claims must be verified by our internal staff. If claims cannot be substantiated, product will be returned on your next order at no additional charge.

Our drivers are not allowed to pick up returns from a previous shipment unless you have called our customer service department for a credit authorization number. The driver must have an authorization form pre-approving pick up of product. Credits will not be issued on product returned without prior authorization.

***PLEASE NOTE: All products MUST be returned in the original packaging and in resaleable condition. Price stickers must be removed prior to returning and products must be in the original lot size sold. Organic repacked product must have the AB label with the lot number. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Associated Buyers reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking fee on all mis-ordered items. All credits are issued upon receipt of the merchandise to our warehouse for evaluation.

15. ADDRESS YOUR CONCERNS, questions or return information to the same customer service representative until the issue is resolved. Please ask for their name if we neglect to give it to you. Any follow-up calls that may be necessary should be directed to the same person unless they are unavailable.

16. Bottle Policy: Deposits at 5 cents per bottle or can on carbonated beverages. We will pick up empties in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts. Maine bottle return also includes 32oz glass juice bottles. Please put them back, rinsed, in their original cartons. We can only be responsible for cans and bottles from products which you purchase from us. NH does not require a bottle deposit.

17. Bottle Returns should be made to Associated Buyers whenever possible. All bottles must be washed out and free of their caps before our driver will pick them up. We will not pick up or give credit for returns which are not properly cleaned. State return bottle laws include "CLEAN” as a condition of return, and we will enforce the rules. Redemption Centers are difficult for us to pick up from, therefore we prefer receiving bottles and cans back from our customers. NO CAPS

18. Our FULL CATALOG is available in ELECTRONIC format, (Excel, or PDF- please specify one). Please visit our website at to create a customer login that will allow you to download the catalog. (Please note when downloading a PDF of our complete catalog that it is a very large file!)


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