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Chamomile Lavender - 15 CT
Needing a full night's sleep is no myth! Better sleep leads to more productivity (and fewer naps at the work desk!) A relaxing, calming personality much like this infusion is the magnet for good energy! Watch your troubles disappear as you surrender to the warm, relaxing embrace of chamomile flowers, peppermint, lemon myrtle for taste and lemongrass to soothe your senses! Take in the beauty of French lavender petals, blue flowers and safflowers as you float away to a land far, far away! UPC: 697811000192
Instant Cardamom Chai - 14 OZ
Ingredients - Dairy Whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar), Sugar, Tea Extract & Cardamom
Instant Masala Chai - 14 OZ
Ingredients: Dairy Whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar), Sugar, Tea Extract, Masala (Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Nutmeg)
Organic Classic Breakfast Black Tea - 15 CT
There is beauty in simplicity and elegance in tradition. This hearty blend of organic breakfast tea is what you want to wake up to! You will catch yourself basking in its reddish-golden glory and day-dreaming of the velvety-smooth aftertaste long after!Steeps a smooth, reddish-gold cup with hearty flavor UPC: 697811000161
Organic Jasmine Dream Green Tea - 15 CT
A harmonious, almost ritualistic experience! Surrender your senses to the captivating jasmine blossoms, greeting you invitingly, keeping your senses mesmerized! An organic green tea blend scented with these buds of magic, itís too late to turn back!Chai Diaries Organic Jasmine Dream has won Second Place in The North American Tea Champion 2013. UPC: 697811000147
White Champagne Raspberry Tea - 15 CT
Raise your glass for this party starter! Playful and intoxicating, this white tea is blended together with natural champagne and raspberry flavors for a beguiling brew that is light, fruity and enticing. Have the ice buckets ready for this will call for a daylong celebration! Pop, fizz, clink! UPC: 697811000178

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