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Megalodon Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Megalodon was imposing enough to give dinosaurs nightmares in its day. This 5 Alarm sauce has a sweet cherry start with the blazing finish of the Carolina Reaper Pepper. UPC: 85000402805
Nurse Shark Jalapeño Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - Like the Nurse Shark, this green Jalapeño sauce has a mellow smooth heat, but huge flavor. Undertones of tomatillo, apple, and melon balance the heat from the Jalapeño and Poblano pepper for an approachable, but unforgettable taste. UPC: 85000402806
Original Hot Honey - 12 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Spicy Shark Hot Honey is a special blend of 100% pure USA Clover, Alfalfa, and Goldenrod Grade A Honey. We steep the honey with a touch of Cinnamon and infuse it with Habanero to add some Heat to the Sweet. UPC: 85000402810
Original Hot Sauce Recipe - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Original Spicy Shark recipe has the bold flavor of Habanero that is tempered with the sweetness of carrot and ginger. Delicately balanced, but with a Great White bite. UPC: 85000402800
Thresher Shark Chipotle Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Thresher Shark is known for its long unique tail that it hunts with. This complex smoky sauce with notes of coffee and chocolate packs a Thresher whip of Chipotle smoke and heat. UPC: 85000402803
Tiger Shark Ghost Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Tiger Shark is known for its diverse diet and distinguished markings. This Level 4 sauce stripes Pineapple and Banana Sweet with Habanero and Ghost Pepper Heat. UPC: 85000402804
Wing Sauce Hot Sauce - 12 OZ
The Spicy Shark - This Spicy Shark Original Wing Sauce is our dairy free twist on a traditional wing sauce. Sweet Red Peppers meet spicy Cayenne peppers, with a smooth vinegar garlic bite. UPC: 85000402880

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