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BBQ Sauce - Cherrywood Smoked - 12 OZ
Appalachian Naturals - UPC:897774000288
BBQ Sauce - Jamaican Haberno  - 12 OZ
Appalachian Naturals - UPC:897774000295
Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing - 12 OZ
Ingredients: rBGH-Free Buttermilk (Local Farm Ingredient), Non-GMO Sunflower Oil, Parmesan Cheese (Milk, Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Eggs, Onion, Sea Salt, Garlic, Xanthan Gum.
Dressing Buttermilk Ranch  (Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
Mapleline Farm in Pioneer Valley provides them with the freshest finest buttermilk without the use of bovine growth hormone. They start by pouring gallons and gallons of heavy thick buttermilk into a large kettle. Next they add a blend of onion garlic dill parsley and sea salt along with an all-natural mayonnaise rich with whole eggs and lemon. High in calcium vitamin A and potassium with zero Trans Fat their Buttermilk Ranch is delicious as a dip for wasabi-sweet-potato fries drizzled over a smoked turkey club or tossed with crisp cucumbers & ripe Roma tomatoes! UPC: 89777400003
Dressing Chipotle Ranch -  (Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
The buttermilk ranch suggests "western" and the smoked jalapeño ('chipotle') peppers add a southern angle which is why this dressing/sauce has a southwestern flair to it. The result is a rich creamy SPICY salad dressing which is equally excellent as a dipping sauce! UPC: 89777400002
Dressing Creamy Blue Cheese-  (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian) - 12 Oz
From the foothills of the northeastern Appalachian Mountains comes a smooth and creamy blue cheese dressing full of farm fresh buttermilk from Mapleline Farm! Excellent with Cajun sweet potato fries, grilled artichoke hearts, spicy wings, or mixed with our salsa and served as a dip! UPC: 89777400027
Dressing Ginger Miso (Vegan, Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
This is their signature salad dressing created years ago in their restaurant out west it was a hitand became so popular that customers began requesting it in retail form. The robust flavor of ginger infused with toasted sesame and sweet miso gives this dressing an Asian flair a wonderful alternative to traditional salad dressings. UPC: 89777400000
Appalachian Naturals - Introducing a classic, rugged Italian dressing made from raw organic hemp seed oil. A nutty twist on a traditional dressing adds a perfect balance of sweet and savory to salads, roasted veggies, or pastas UPC:89777400036
Dressing Wildflower Honey Dijon (Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
They have designed this recipe so that the herbs and spices steep in warm wildflower honey before mixed in the mustard. The final step is to gently cook the sauce long enough for the flavors to saturate each other. Their Honey Dijon dressing is excellent over grilled shrimp wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon sliced roast beef on fresh ciabatta (a sour-style crusty Italian bread) or as a dip for Atlantic crab cakes. UPC: 89777400004
Grilling Sauce Applewood (Contains Sugar, Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
For grilled vegetables poultry fish use as a dipping sauce or drizzle over favorite hot sandwiches. UPC: 89777400006
Maple Balsamic Salad Dressing - Gluten Free - Vegan - 12 OZ
A crisp blend of robust aged balsamic vinegar with the perfect balance of grade C maple from the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Not too sweet, not too tart. Excellent tossed with arugula, fresh figs & heirloom tomatoes, or brushed over baby back ribs! See why this product is almost out selling our famous Ginger Miso and Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette at local farmers markets, it’s sure to be an excellent addition to your New England grown products. UPC:89777400030
Mustard berkshire Maple (Gluten-Free) - 10 Oz
Full of 2009 harvested maple syrup, and stone mill mustard from our favorite New England mustard mill. We serve this over broiled Atlantic salmon, country style ribs, or as a dipping sauce for fresh baked pretzels or morning glory muffins! UPC: 89777400025
Mustard Chipotle Honey (Gluten-Free) - 10 Oz
Use as a dip for baked chicken tenders cruditésor pita chips. Use as a condiment for steamed dumplings or Cajun steak fries. Use as a spread for crusty breads with roast beef or smoked lox. UPC: 89777400010
Salsa Veracruz Medium Local (Organic, Gluten-Free) - 16 Oz
100% Cerified Organic and made with locally grown produce. Tomatoes onions jalapenos and cilantro all grown in Massachusetts. Sugar free and vinegar free this fantastic salsa is also healthy on top of being insanely delicious. UPC: 89777400021
Salsa Vercuz -Hot (Organic, Local, Gluten Free)  - 16 OZ
Salsa Vercuz -Mild (Organic, Local, Gluten Free)  - 16 OZ
Sauce Cranberry - (Organic, Gluten-Free) - 10 Oz
New England classic cranberry sauce for the quintessential accompaniment to any meal. UPC: 89777400023
Vinaigrette Cilantro Lime (Vegan, Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
Working with CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) and a host of northeast organic farmers they have pounds of fresh organic cilantro grown for them each season to build this citrus vinaigrette. The combination of cilantro with lime zest creates a potent edge which they "soften" using agave nectar. They build this dressing in 4 stages. Try it as a marinade & grill sauce for shellfish drizzled over blackened grilled chicken with organic greens or tossed in an adzuki bean & wild rice salad. UPC: 89777400005
Vinaigrette Honey Balsamic (Gluten-Free) - 12 Oz
Our Balsamic Vinaigrette is built in four separate stages you are bound to taste the time and effort we put into each step of the process of building this unique vinaigrette. A hint of cinnamon and wildflower honey from South Deerfield's Warm Colors Apiary adds a savory characteristic to the bold aged red balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy. Our Balsamic Vinaigrette is excellent on tossed salads poached salmon Mediterranean pasta salads andas a dipping oil for crusty breads. UPC: 89777400001

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