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UPC: 02250620128
Mayonnaise Canola - 32 Oz
Creamy zesty and delicious Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise is low in cholesterol and rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Stir it with smashed garlic and a squeeze of lemon for aioli in a snap. UPC: 02250620132
Spectrum Naturals - Spectrumís Organic Red Wine Vinegar is aged perfectly from a blend of organic Italian grapes for a spectacular, full-flavored vinegar ideal for classic vinaigrettes and cold bean or pasta salad. - UPC: 022506260283
Shortening (Organic) - 24 Oz
Made with organic palm oil Spectrum Organic Shortening is a healthy trans-fat free alternative totraditional shortening for flaky crusts and crispy fries. UPC: 02250610260
UPC: 02250627028
Vinegar White Distilled (Organic) - 32 Oz
Distilled from pure organic corn and rye and perfect for a bevy of uses - from fresh pickles to streak-free windows. UPC: 02250600248
UPC: 02250626128

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