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Cheese Pairing -  Fig with Pear and Honey - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Pears, Figs, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oranges, Ground Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Salt, Caraway Seed
Cheese Pairing -  French Onion with Rosemary - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Onions, Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bourbon, Caraway Seed, Rosemary, Thyme, Ground Coriander, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Pure Apple Pectin
Chocolate Raspberry Naked Jam (No Added Sugar) - 9.6 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - “Decadent Naked” chocolate jams with no sugar or dairy! UPC: 85034100619
Jam - Fresh Tomato (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - Fresh Roma tomatoes with their straight-from-the-garden taste, are cooked with Italian are then enhanced by the thyme we cook it with. Makes a beautiful addition to a lamb dish and delectable eggs benedict. Substitute a regular tomato sauce on a pizza or ketchup on a black bean burger. - UPC: 850341006977
Jam - Fresno & Thai Chili (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - A combination of two great chili peppers for heat lovers! Fresnos are mildly spicy and thai chilis can be very hot. This spicy jam is smoky and fruity with earthy undertones and carries a pungent heat that slowly builds up.Mix with Tamari for a delicious teriyaki sauce that can be poured over chicken and tofu, or stir in your favorite recipe for a creamy mac & cheese. - UPC: 850341006168
Jam - Jalapeño & Lime Chili (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - The characteristic bright green and fresh jalapeño pepper when cooked with lime, offers rich, refreshing and vibrant flavors accompanied by a nice, mild heat.This stunning combination makes for a great glaze over swordfish steaks or salmon, a delicious crema when combined with sour cream and a great increment to a cornbread. - UPC: 850341006472
Jam - Wild Bergamot infused Raspberry  - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Raspberries, Cane Sugar, Wild Bergamot Flower Tea Blend, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin
Jam - Wild Dandelion infused Rhubarb & Honey - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Rhubarb, Cane Sugar, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dandelion Tea Blend, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin
Jam - Wild Rose Infused Strawberry  - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Strawberries, Cane Sugar, Wild Rose Tea, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin
Jam - Wild Sumac infused Blackberry  - 10 OZ
Ingredients: Blackberries, Cane Sugar, Wild Sumac Tea (Blake Hill Sumac Tea Blend, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar), Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin
Spread  - Caramelized Onion (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - Caramelized onions carry this specific rich sweetness and remarkable aroma. We cook it with a selection of spices and brown sugar for its molasses content that will complement those initial onion flavors. It will transform any savory dish into an abundance of flavor! A great addition to your regular grilled cheese, a wonderful combination with grilled vegetables and delicious in quiches or soufflés. - UPC: 850341006304
Spread - Roasted Garlic (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - The characteristic pungent flavor and natural spice of garlic mellows down and sweetens when simmered with our very own spice blend, revealing an exuberant umami flavor. Naturally a food preservative, garlic also carries an incredible fragrance. If you’re lucky to visit our Preserve Shop - that is attached to our kitchen - on a Roasted Garlic making day, you can smell this unique aroma from the parking lot! Toss roasted potatoes with this savory delight or spread over a burger for extra flavor. - UPC: 850341006298
Tomatillo & Jalapeno Savory Spread - 9.6 OZ
Blake Hill Preserves - Extra spice kicks this spread up a notch with complex tomatillo, jalapeños citrusy Simcoe hops and IPA. Pair with simple pan-fried fish fillets. UPC: 850341006267

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