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Rice Bran Oil - 33.8 OZ
Pane Belle - Rice Bran Oil is one of the healthiest edible oils, rich in vitamins, natural antioxidants, and nutrients. It contains 6,000 ppm of the natural antioxidant, Oryzanol.High smoke point of 445ºF, making it suitable for the high-temperature cooking methods like pan-frying, stir-frying, sautéing, deep-frying and baking. - UPC: 083737174015
Simmer Sauce - Coconut Lime Curry- 12 OZ
Pane Belle - Light, aromatic and flavor-filled is like a fresh summer morning. Pour this all natural, gluten free, vegan sauce over our brown rice noodles. Tasty! - UPC: 854775002123
Simmer Sauce - Garlic Lemongrass- 12 OZ
Pane Belle - Garlic Lemongrass - A Vietnamese family stable prepared in a clay pot. Think “caramelized, savory & fragrant”. We created a home-style gluten free, vegan sauce with all natural ingredients. - UPC: 854775002147

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