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Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard - 7.4 OZ
Ingredients: Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Yellow Mustard Seed, Water, Organic Honey, Fig Paste (Fig, Fig Concentrate), Salt, Organic Garlic
Habanero Banana Pepper Mustard - 9.5 OZ
Miller's Mustard - Looking for some heat? Spice lovers can feel the burn with our Habenero variety, featuring a blend of banana peppers and fiery Habenero chilies. Itís sure to put a sweat on your brow. UPC: 853222001504
Hot Banana Pepper Mustard - 9.5 OZ
Miller's Mustard - The original! Hot delivers a bold heat tempered by an underlying sweetness thatís unique to our vine-ripened banana peppers. Tangy and spicy with a balance rarely found in a pepper sauce. UPC: 853222001627
Mild Banana Pepper Mustard - 9.5 OZ
Miller's Mustard - A tamer version of our original banana pepper mustard. Mild packs the same sweet and spicy flavor that fans have grown to love, with a gentle heat profile thatís easier on your tongue. UPC: 853222001405
Mustard - Citizen Cider Smoked    8 OZ
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - This is a lovely blend of Citizen Ciderís Unified Press and maple wood smoked Vermont onions. Perfect on a turkey sandwich. - UPC:856369001628
Mustard - Guster    8 OZ
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - We made this spicy pickle mustard in collaboration with the musical awesomeness that is Guster. This is a garlic, dill, jalapeno and cucumber mustard that is fabulous on sausage, burgers and pretzels. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Zeno Mountain Farm - one of the greatest places on earth. - UPC:856369001697
Mustard - Heady Topper    8 OZ
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - Heady Topper IPA really shines in this fabulous beer mustard. - UPC:856369001574
Mustard - Maple Sriracha   8OZ
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - Eastman Long & Sonís maple syrup, Vermont garlic scapes and Vermont jalapenos. This is excellent on sandwiches, burgers and fancy cheese. - UPC:856369001673
Mustard - Vermont Jalapeno   8 OZ
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - A generous dose of Vermont green jalapenos kick this spicy mustard up to a whole new level. - UPC:856369001611
Mustard Dill Dijon  - 16 Oz

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