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Biltong Spicy- 2 OZ
Ayoba-Yo - Similar to Traditional Biltong, crafted with premium slices of grass-fed beef that are air-dried for fourteen days! We season our Spicy Biltong with Cayenne and Chili Powder for a flavorful kick that won’t burn your tongue. - UPC: 85000082701
Biltong Traditional- 2 OZ
Ayoba-Yo - Crafted with premium slices of grass-fed beef that are marinated, seasoned with only a few natural spices, then air-dried for fourteen days! The result is a tender and naturally flavorful beef snack. Our products have no gluten, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, no soy, no nitrates, no MSG, and most importantly NO sugar. - UPC: 85000082700
Brooklyn Everything™  - All Natural Beef Jerky - 2.2 OZ
Field Trip - Meat Snacks Jerky - All Natural - 100% Grass Fed Beef - No Nitrites/Nitrates - No Preservatives - Gluten Free UPC: 85496600814
Droewors - Beef Sticks in a sheep casing- 2 OZ
Ayoba-Yo - Droewors are premium beef sticks that are handcrafted with chef selected slabs of beef that are coarsely ground and seasoned with only four spices. We then hand stuff them into a natural casing and hang them to dry for five days! It is the perfect high protein snack. - UPC: 85000082702

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