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Brown Sugar Bourbon & Pecan Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: Our Sofi™ Silver Award flavor - we craft this with Makerís Mark & Jim Beam bourbons and slow-roasted Georgia pecans. Simply the perfect blend of bourbon, sweetness, and crunch. UPC: 837654968598
Caramelized Banana & Walnuts Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: After caramelizing bananas in brown sugar, we churn them into a smooth ice cream with a sprinkle of walnuts. Every spoonful delivers sweet banana flavor and nutty scrumptiousness. UPC: 837654968574
Dark Chocolate, Mexican Chile & Roasted Almonds Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: Inspired by the Mayans, we add a touch of chipotle & guajillo chile pepper to luscious dark, organic chocolate and freshly roasted almonds. Expect a perfect warmth and gentle kick in this alluring combo. UPC: 837654968604
Ginger Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: Small pieces of real ginger cooked in cane sugar are folded into sweet cream. The result: an East meets West beauty with soft little bites of gingery goodness. UPC: 837654968567
Green Tea Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: Expert tea purveyors helped us select an extraordinary Japanese matcha for this delicate, complex flavor. A real palate pleaser. UPC: 837654968581
UPC: 837654968512
Mocha Chip Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: A trifecta of deliciousness, we blend together coffee from the mountains of Columbia, organic Dominican Republic cocoa, and organic dark Belgian chocolate chips for this new old-school classic UPC: 837654968536
Salted Caramel Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: For this flavor, we handcraft our very own caramel using the finest organic cane sugar, the creamiest local cream, and Maine Sea Salt. Deep and rich, this flavor is simply luscious and was named Top 5 Ice Cream in the Country. UPC: 837654968550
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Batch Ice Cream: Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Organic Cane Sugar*, Egg Yolks, Non Fat Milk, Organic Vanilla Beans * Fair Trade™ Certified by Fair Trade™ USA UPC: 837654968505

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