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GUS - Low Calorie Soda Pasteurized No Preservatives Gluten-Free Vegan Non-GMO No Caffeine
4 Pack Soda Cranberry Lime (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz
Gus Dry Cranberry Lime is a refreshing marriage of tart cranberries and sweet-sour limes. The cranberry a uniquely North American fruit when blended with flavorful limes creates a one-of-a-kind taste combination. UPC: 89076300011
4 Pack Soda Dry Cola (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz
GuS Dry Cola is less sweet than typical colas made from real cola nut extract with hints of citrus and spice. The cola nut is the edible seed of several species of tropical trees native to West Africa 0 UPC: 89076300015
4 Pack Soda Dry Meyer Lemon (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz
GuS Dry Meyer Lemon is a light refreshing soft drink with a tangy citrus taste. The Meyer Lemon believed to be a cross between a lemon and an orange is less tart and slightly sweeter than the common lemon. UPC: 89076300001
4 Pack Soda Dry Pomegranate - 24/12 Oz
Gus Dry Pomegranate is a sophisticated soda made from the intense and earthy juice of the pomegranate. One of the earliest cultivated fruits the pomegranate has been enjoyed for over 5000 years. UPC: 89076300013
4 Pack Soda Dry Valencia Orange (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz
GuS Dry Valencia Orange is a light refreshing soft drink with a mildly sweet taste. The Valencia or Summer Orange is considered to be the finest variety of juice orange. UPC: 89076300003
4 Pack Soda Extra Dry Ginger Ale - 24/12 Oz
GuS Extra Dry Ginger Ale is a crisp refreshing soft drink made with natural ginger root extracts. Known as Spring Ginger or Young Ginger ginger root is primarily grown in India North Africa and China. UPC: 89076300004
4 Pack Soda Star Ruby Grapefruit (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz
GuS Star Ruby Grapefruit is a dry refreshing soft drink made from this prized grapefruit variety. Star Ruby is known for its bright red tart-sweet juice. UPC: 89076300002
Aranciata (Contains Sugar) - 24/11.5 Oz Cans
UPC: 04150880070
Black Cherry Natural Soda (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 OZ
The Sky's the limit for a healthy alternative to soda pop. Blue Sky All Natural Soda is delicious and has absolutely no artificial anything in it! UPC: 04217519895
Blueberry Dream Soda (Contains Honey)  4 pack - 6/4/12 oz.
At Green Bee Soda, we handcraft beverages that harness the power of local bees to offer a healthy alternative to mass produced soda. Our artisanal approach to soda making is unique. We use simple, all natural formulations in all our products. Our flavors are derived from the use of fresh, natural ingredients combined with old world brewing processes that eschew the use of shortcuts employed by conventional beverage manufacturers. The use of honey as our exclusive sweetener helps support a critical link in our food system, the Honey Bee! Handcrafted from Fresh Pressed Wild Maine Blueberries and Maine Wildflower Honey “A True Taste of Maine” UPC:85800900203
Blueberry Soda - 4 Packs (Contains Sugar) - 6/4/12 OZ
Gluten free, caffeine free, and Fair Trade Certified...oh, and delicious. And they make phenomenal cocktail mixers. UPC: 86228400017
Blueberry Soda (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz Bottles
Gluten free caffeine free and Fair Trade Certified... oh and delicious. UPC: 86228400012
Curiosity Cola - 12/275 Mili-Liters
Colas originated from apothecaries and were heralded as elixirs with health enhancing properties. Legislation now prevents producers from making wondrous claims about the medicinal properties of their drinks but believe our cola to be somewhat curious through the inclusion of Catuaba & Guarana extracts. A stimulating recipe of ingredients? A full-bodied cola that is curiously invigorating? Curious to know more? UPC: 502939632278
Ginger Ale - Venetian - (Contains Sugar) - 4/6/12 OZ
Venetian - Venetian Ginger Ale, a Prohibition Era ginger ale made with an un?ltered organic Peruvian ginger juice, lime juice, spices, and sweetened cane sugar. No arti?cial ?avors, no extracts, and no preservatives. Just real food in a bottle. The original Venetian Ginger Ale was bottled from 1917 until the early ‘40s and then lost to time. 100 years after the original founding the descendants reimagined the premium beverage in 2017. Bene?ts of ginger: ? Helps with nausea & morning sickness ? Digestive bene?ts ? Anti-in?ammation ? Rich with antioxidants UPC:856768007009
Ginger Beer  (Contains Sugar) - 6/4 Packs 12 Oz Bottles
UPC: 86228400008
Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime  -  8/500 ML
Fentiman's - Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime is a punchy and refreshing mixer. A delightful balance of bitter and sweet is achieved through the time-honoured process of botanical brewing. The initial aroma and taste of fresh ginger is given extra kick with the emergence of lime, making this full flavoured mixer the perfect partner for a Dark ‘n’ Stormy. UPC: 5029396000444
Ginger Beer (Contains Sugar) - 12/275 Mili-Liters
Unlike other so called "Ginger Beers" our processstarts with fermenting the finest Chinese ginger root. This goes a long way to explaining the wonderful Ginger "Burn" that each bottle contains. All natural and made in the time honored tradition using the finest Chinese Ginger Root it is our bestknown product and enjoys a growing following around the world. If you like Ginger you will love our Ginger Beer! UPC: 502939622233
Ginger Beer (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz Bottles
Ginger brew was enjoyed by sailors which plied the trade routes between Maine and the Caribbean hauling rum and sugar between these ports. Today sailors and others enjoy ginger brew alike. Our recipe lets the spicy flavor of the Ginger Root loose to mingle with Organic Evaporated Cane Juice purified water and Happy Bubbles. We make Maine?s first and only Organically Sweetened sodas and we are proud of it! UPC: 86228400007
Honeycomb Cider - Fresh Apple Cider Lightly sweetened with honey and spiced with cinnamon - 6/4/12 OZ
Green Bee Soda - Our Honeycomb Cider Soda is a tribute to hard working pollinators. Every apple on every tree starts out as a blossom. Without pollinators, no apple would grow. We partnered with local farmers to use only the freshest pressed cider available. Taste our commitment to real ingredients in every sip and feel good knowing that every bottle helps support farmers, beekeepers and honeybees. UPC: 858009002163
Lemon Lime Soda - 4 Packs (Contains Sugar) - 6/4/12 OZ
Gluten free, caffeine free, and Fair Trade Certified...oh, and delicious. And they make phenomenal cocktail mixers. UPC: 86228400018
Lemon Lime Soda (Contains Sugar) - 24/12 Oz Bottles
Gluten free caffeine free and Fair Trade Certified... oh and delicious. UPC: 86228400011
Limonata (Contains Sugar) - 24/11.5 Oz Cans
UPC: 04150880064
Mandarin Orange Soda - 4 Packs (Contains Sugar) - 6/4/12 OZ
Gluten free, caffeine free, and Fair Trade Certified...oh, and delicious. And they make phenomenal cocktail mixers. UPC: 86228400019
Mexicane Cola (Contains Sugar) - 24 -12 Oz Bottles
Maine Root takes it a step further and uses fair trade certified organic cane juice as the sweetener, and a small amount of Mexican vanilla. Maine Root Mexicane Cola is ‘Hecho en Maine’ . Taste testers have told us Maine Root Mexicane Cola tastes a lot more natural because of the fair trade organic cane juice. We decided to name it Mexicane Cola as a shout out to our favorite tropical paradise in New England, Mexico, Maine. Goes wicked good with whoopie pies, chowder, lobsters, covered bridges and rum when in the bob house. UPC: 86228400029
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