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Black Unsweetened Tea - Ready to Drink - 12 / 20 OZ Glass Bottle
Joe's Tea. Black Unsweetened Tea Unsweetened Black Tea is our simplest flavor. As such the tea flavor takes center position. This is ideal for tea drinkers who prefer their beverage without a sweetener. It is consistent with our philosophy of providing a variety of options to consumers, so they can select the beverage that best fits their tastes.---UPC:74323400174
Half & Half Lemonade - Tea & Lemonade - Ready to Drink - Contains Sugar - 12 / 20 OZ Glass Bottle
Half & Half Lemonade What happens when you mix the best tasting raspberry tea with the best tasting lemonade? You get Joe Tea’s Tea Lemonade! It’s a perfectly balanced ˝ & ˝ that is sure to satisfy the most intense thirst! Also look for our Raspberry Half and Half, Lime Half & Half and our Peach Tea Lemonade. When you are really, really thirsty - there is just nothing quite like a Joe Tea! Enjoy! ---UPC:74323400041
Lemon Tea - Ready to Drink - Contains Sugar - 12 / 20 OZ Glass Bottle
Joe Tea. Lemon Tea. There is no drink more basic and more thirst quenching than my Classic Lemon Tea. You can drink it on cold days (and I hope you do) but I made this tea for those hot summer days when your mouth is ready to guzzle. If you are thirsty, I mean real thirsty - Put one of these in your hand, twist the top, get your head cocked in the right position, lift and load. Slam some classic lemon into your system. It’s a natural coolant that will leave you with one thought - More! Enjoy! ---UPC:74343400028
Peach Tea - Ready to Drink - Contains Sugar - 12 / 20 OZ Glass Bottle
Joe Tea.Peach Tea My first memories of peaches are from climbing up a peach tree in the back of my uncle’s house and biting into a fresh ripe peach. There is nothing quite like having that peach taste ricocheting through your mouth, nose and entire head. My peach tea was made to capture that sensation. We are talking about a peach party happening right in your mouth! Get it flowing! ---UPC:74323400068
Raspberry Tea - Ready to Drink - Contains Sugar - 12 / 20 OZ Glass Bottle
Joe Tea. Raspberry Tea It was one of those clear blue sky days. We were driving around in the pickup on some back roads when we saw a “pick your own” sign leading up to a farm. Well that day, we picked and literally inhaled the best tasting raspberries I’d ever had. With that taste fresh in my mind, I went about making JOE TEA RASPBERRY. It’s all natural with just the right blend of raspberry and tea. I hope you enjoy it. ---UPC:74323400032
Tea Black Forest Berry - 12/16 Oz
A fruit infusion made with organic cane sugar organic hibiscus organic blackberry leaves organic berry flavor organic blueberries and organic raspberries. UPC: 65762281692
Tea Green Dragon (Organic, Contains Sugar) - 12/16 Oz
An organic green tea from China with the zest of organic lemon juice and natural passion fruit flavor. The antioxidants on Green Dragon Tea can play an important role in a healthy diet. Now available in glass and plastic bottles. UPC: 65762211902
Tea Just Green Unsweetened - 12/16 Oz
Just Green is 100% organic tea - unsweetened and naturally delicious. It features the taste (and antioxidant power) of pure green tea as well as the Fair Trade logo ensuring tea garden workers earn a fair wage and have the opportunity to invest a portion of the sales in community projects. UPC: 65762201977
Tea Moroccan Mint - 12/16 Oz
A tightly rolled organic green tea from China blended with generous amounts of organic peppermint and organic spearmint leaves. Brewed in purified water with a touch of organic white clover honey and citric acid. Honest Tea green teas have 90-110 mg of the antioxidant EGCG per bottle. UPC: 65762221294
Tea Peach Oolong (Organic, Contains Sugar) - 12/16 Oz
Peach Oo-la-long combines the smoky taste of Fair Trade CertifiedTM organic oolong tea with the brightness of peach puree. Brewed in purified water with organic cane sugar organic brown rice syrup natural peach flavor and a hint of citric acid. UPC: 65762251500

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