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This mixture of organic grains combined with pumpkin seed and flavored with honey makes the best grain bread we've ever tasted. UPC: 79361700070
This bread is loaded with raisins and cinnamon. Great for breakfast makes wonderful French toast. 0 UPC: 79361700060
This is a favorite with children. Taste the darkrich honey makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! 0 UPC: 79361700100
Our most popular bread. Great with every meal soft on the inside with a chewy crust. 0 UPC: 79361700010
Made with organic wheat flour and dark molasses. For those who like the sourdough but want something a little heartier. UPC: 79361700030
When Pigs Fly bakes old-world style artisan breads using the finest organic natural ingredients and they are proud to introduce their new Low Carb Whole Wheat Bread with only net 6 carbs and chock full of flax seeds. 0 UPC: 79361700300

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