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Black Raspberry - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Black and red raspberry purees mingle with our smooth, creamy base for a sweet and tangy treat to tantalize your taste buds. UPC: 679876023613
Candied Ginger - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Loaded with spicy-sweet chunks of Australian Buderim crystallized ginger and a hint of Madagascar Vanilla. UPC: 679876023705
Chocolate Loviní - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Looking for tall, dark and handsome? Ten pounds of velvety Belgian chocolate in every batch make this a chocolaty dream. UPC: 679876023682
Madagascar Vanilla - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - How wonderful life is when our perfectly creamy, old-fashioned favorite reminds you of how good vanilla can be. UPC: 679876023699
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Let our magical combination of coffee and chocolate liqueurs and Barry Callebaut chocolate chunks put their spell on you. UPC: 679876023576
Minty Chip - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Refreshing peppermint base studded with tons of Barry Callebaut chocolate chips and not a drop of green dye. UPC: 679876023538
Peanut Butter Bliss - 16 OZ
Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt - Smooth peanut butter base with a peanut buttery swirl and chocolate chunks transport you to salty-sweet nirvana. UPC: 679876023675

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