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Cayenne Hot Sauce - 8 OZ
Horseshoe Brand - Horseshoe brand cayenne hot sauce brings the distinct flavors of south Louisiana cuisine to your table. Its zesty bold flavors will add pep to your plate and is sure to make your mouth water. - UPC: 85319600306
Chipotle Hot Sauce - 8 OZ
Horseshoe Brand - Chipotle peppers have a rich, smoky flavor and aroma. When combined with slow roasted garlic, cayenne chilies and tart limes, the result is a bold hot sauce that will enhance any dish it touches. Mix it in soups and stews; brush it on ribs and chicken. - UPC: 85319600302
Green WidowOrganic Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
Poor Devil Pepper Co. - The sauce that started it all. A jalapeno hot sauce unlike any you’ll ever have. The organic blend of jalapenos, garlic, lime & cumin creates a flavor bursting and addictive sauce that will remind you not to sleep on the heat of green hot peppers. UPC: 784682080092
Habanero Hot Sauce - 8 OZ
Horseshoe Brand - Habanero peppers have a citrusy, fruity flavor with intense heat. This sauce has hints of garlic, mango, onion and spices that compliment the habanero’s flavor without covering it up. The habanero shines in this bright sauce, bursting with flavor and heat. - UPC: 85319600301
Heady Pepper Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
One of the world’s best beers, Heady Topper IPA, and Vermont’s best hot peppers deliver you right up to hop sauce heaven. Vermont farmers grow peppers just for us to put into this hot sauce for you. UPC: 856369001352
Hot Blueberry Syrup - 8 OZ
The Spicy Shark - Blue Sharks can be found in the deep waters of New England, where we source our Maine Blueberries for this recipe. We blend these Blueberries with the finest Grade A Dark Maple Syrup, and add Habanero Pepper & Lime. This Blueberry Maple Syrup with a warm, but mild heat, can be used on a wide variety of food and drink. UPC: 85000402801
Hot Pepper Sauce - Mx. Green Sass - 5 OZ
Shaquanda Will Feed You - Mx. Green Sass is a mild and citrusy pepper sauce that is perfect for those who love a green sauce but want it to be a little more herbaceous. Perfect for chicken and fish, we recommend you use this both as a condiment and as a marinade. Marinate your chicken overnight and pop it in your oven the next day. Making tacos? Oh no, you are out of lemon or lime?! No need to worry! Mx Green sass has got you covered! A really wonderful way to introduce folks to spicy foods. UPC:860000238021
Hot Pepper Sauce - Oooohmami - 5 OZ
Shaquanda Will Feed You - Oooohmami is a secret weapon in the kitchen. Made with fermented black garlic, molasses, balsamic, blueberries, blackberry juice and caramelized onion: this sauce adds a depth and meatiness to any dish with a kick of habanero. Perfect as a glaze on ribs, add to a brisket, or to hook those mushrooms up with flavor and a boost of pepper heat! We strongly recommend everyone to have this sauce but especially vegetarians, it will add a level of depth that anyone will enjoy! UPC:860000238052
Hot Pepper Sauce - Shaquanda’s  - 5 OZ
Shaquanda Will Feed You - Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce is our first product! This is a versatile hot pepper condiment that is sure to please, and goes amazingly well with eggs, poultry, beef, fish, and all your vegetarian needs, serve with cheese if you like! This is a medium spicy heat harmonized and balanced with onions, mustard, heirloom turmeric, tomato paste, citrus, demerara sugar. Since onions are the primary ingredient you are getting more flavor than pepper; we don’t just rely on salt and sugar for flavor, we are proud of the layers of robust flavor derived from the ingredients we put in our sauce. UPC:860000238038
Hot Sauce - Creamy Garlic Red Pepper Hot Sauce-  8 OZ
Dave's Gourmet - A blend of spicy red chilies, sweet roasted peppers, and garlic with spices. Try it on grilled meats, pizza, pasta, or soup. UPC: 753469090029
Hot Sauce - Habanero - (Contains Sugar) - 8 OZ
Beth's Farm Kitchen - Our Spiciest Hot Sauce - Reminiscent of Sauces from the Bayou (Louisiana) - Vinegar Flavor at the Front and Classic Habanero Kick at the End! UPC:897866001506
Hot Sauce - Original Hot Pepper-5 OZ
Hillside Harvest - Original Hot Pepper Hot Sauce or “OHP” is made with a delicious combination of spice, fruit, and citrus. OHP is the perfect marriage of heat and flavor. UPC: 861899000416
Hot Sauce - Pineapple Fresno -5 OZ
Hillside Harvest - Pineapple Fresno Hot Sauce is a delightful fan favorite. The name says it all; tangy heat from fresno peppers, balanced by a hint of sweetness from organic pineapple. UPC: 861899000409
Hot Sauce - Spicy Kimchi - Vegan - (Contains Sugar) - 13.2 OZ
Seoul - For those who like it a little on the spicy side, we created our Spicy Kimchi Hot Sauce. All the bold flavor from our grandma’s kimchi bottled up to make it easy to add kimchi flavor to anything. It can be used as a dipping sauce, a marinade or topping. Use it on anything from bibimbap to burgers! Vegan, non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-free sauce. Blended and bottled using the best ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. UPC:026396502027
Hot Sauce - Sun Kissed Tomato -5 OZ
Hillside Harvest - Sun Kissed Tomato Hot Sauce is a smooth and savory delight. We’ve combined the heat of delicious peppers with zesty, bright sun- dried tomatoes for a uniquely flavorful finish. UPC: 861899000423
UPC: 853196003139
UPC: 850004028278
Benitos - A fresh and local three chile blend made with Vermont grown organic chile peppers. Very versatile with an unmistakably zesty flavor.UPC:74825201749
Benitos - A tropical burst of flavor without the added sugar. An excellent “sweet heat” style Caribbean hot sauce!UPC:73621150564
Benitos - A Vermont take on a Louisiana style! A tangy heat with an unmistakable fresh vegetable flavor! This sauce has a slow and lingering burn to it…UPC:73621131586
Kiwi Jalapeno Hot Sauce - 8 OZ
Horseshoe Brand - Ripe jalapenos combine with sweet kiwi fruit to create this unique hot sauce loaded with flavor. This refreshing sauce is excellent on tacos, chicken and seafood. - UPC: 85319600304
Lemon Curd - (Contains Sugar) - 8 OZ
Beth's Farm Kitchen - Gently cooked mixture of fresh lemon juice with butter and eggs until thickened into a satiny texture. UPC:897866001407
Maple Cayenne Hot Sauce - 8 OZ
Ingredients: Organic Crown Maple Syrup, Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper Mash (Peppers, Salt), Onion Puree (Onions, Citric Acid), Tomato Paste (Tomatoes, Salt, Citric Acid), Salt, Chipotle Powder, Organic Crown Maple Sugar, Roasted Garlic, Vanilla Extract, Garlic, All Spice, Cinnamon
Megalodon Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce - 5 OZ
The Spicy Shark - The Megalodon was imposing enough to give dinosaurs nightmares in its day. This 5 Alarm sauce has a sweet cherry start with the blazing finish of the Carolina Reaper Pepper. UPC: 85000402805
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