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Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - Smooth decadent chocolate ice cream churned as fresh ground peanut butter is slowly added as the ice cream freezes to a rich finish. UPC: 85774300261
Ginger Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - Fresh Local Ginger root gives this silky cream based ice cream the perfect mild spiced flavor that will leave you craving more. UPC: 85774300267
Himalayan Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - The sweetness of this carefully created caramel based ice cream is balanced by the addition of Himalayan sea salt which is naturally less acidic than other sea salts creating the perfect mouth feel & taste. UPC: 85774300207
Maple Walnut Ice Cream - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - The delicate balance of rich local maple syrup slowly churned into the ice cream as loads of crushed walnuts are added makes this flavor a farm & customer favorite. UPC: 85774300249
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - The key to a great frozen yogurt is creating our own base yogurt. Being dairy farmers we have carefully created our own frozen yogurt, and we think youíll be able to taste the rich creamy difference. UPC: 85774300277
Vanilla Ice cream - 16 OZ
Maple Valley Creamery - Classic Homemade-style vanilla produced with Madagascar vanilla beans. Yes, itís a best seller! UPC: 85774300203

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