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Sausage - Chorizo - 14 OZ
Vermont Salumi - This sausage is delicious and earthy with a little cayenne kick. It is a staple ingredient in cooking latin cuisine. Uses: Serve with rice and beans, huevos rancheros, or add to black bean soup. Excellent in posole (hominy stew) or as part of a tapas selection. UPC:780742209397
Sausage - Maple Breakfast  - 14 OZ
Vermont Salumi - Start your day the Vermont way: sausage with sweet maple syrup, cracked pepper and sage. In an epic breakfast sandwich, next to pancakes, French toast, eggs or straight up with a cup of coffee. Whatever gets you going in the morning! UPC:780742209540
Sausage - Red Wine & Garlic - 14 OZ
Vermont Salumi - Straightforward and delicious. This is a classic, Umbrian-style sausage with bold red wine and garlic flavor. Uses: Serve with pasta or polenta, on its own or cooked in a tomato sauce. Accent a pot of vegetable or bean soup. Add to quiche or a dish of eggs.? UPC:780742209403
Sausage - Rosemary & Red Wine - 14 OZ
Vermont Salumi - The holy trinity of pork, red wine and rosemary. Uses: Delicious flavor for oven-roasted potatoes, stuffed zucchini or other vegetables. UPC:780742209427

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