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Syrup - Maple/Birch Blend - Organic - 375 ML
New Leaf Tree Syrup - The familiar, warm taste of maple with the raspberry-like essence of birch creates a fruity twist on a time honored tradition. Our signature blend adds unique and vibrant flavors to any sweet or savory dish. UPC:810017920549
Syrup - Maple/Walnut Blend - Organic  - 375 ML
New Leaf Tree Syrup - This classic pair combines the beloved flavor of pure maple with the buttery and nutty notes of walnut syrup to add distinction and sophistication to all of your culinary creations. UPC:810017920709
Syrup - Tangy Birch - Organic - 375 ML
New Leaf Tree Syrup - Condensed from the late-spring sap of wild birch trees, this tangy syrup imparts sour fruit notes to any dish. It is too powerful for pancakes but unbeatable at the grill, in savory sauces, glazes, and inventive cocktails. UPC:810017920488

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