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Cookies - Italian Almond w/Choc. Chips (Sugar Free)-12/7 OZ
Ozioli Italian Cookies - Our All-Natural Almond w/chocolate Chips cookies, are made with roasted almonds, & chocolate chips. A perfect cookie for dipping into your favorite beverage! UPC: 892662002122
Cookies - Italian Anisette (Contains Sugar)-12/8 OZ
Ozioli Italian Cookies - Our Anisette Cookies are made with all-natural ingredients. We have the perfect amount of Anisette in each bite. Customers always say “your cookies bring me back to my childhood, just like my mom make”! You will love our Anisette Cookies! UPC: 892662002009
Cookies - Italian Lemon (Contains Sugar)-12/8 OZ
Ozioli Italian Cookies - Our authentic Lemon cookies are made with lemon oil and always all-natural ingredients! You will enjoy the wonderful lemon flavor in every bite!! UPC: 892662002016
Cookies - Italian Pistachio (Contains Sugar)-12/8 OZ
Ozioli Italian Cookies - Our delicious Pistachio cookies, are made with all-natural Pistachio extract and coloring! There are no nuts in this cookie, just a wonderful Pistachio flavor!! If you love Pistachio, then you will love this cookie!! UPC: 892660023440

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