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Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Blueberry Chevre is made with blueberries from the barrens of down east Maine. Great snack or fill a crepe for breakfast. UPC: 753510827048
Chèvre Fresh - Chive-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Chive chevre enhances a bake potato with a big spoon full on top. UPC: 753510827055
Chèvre Fresh - Cranberry Orange-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Orange Cranberry chevre is our creamy chevre mixed with orange and cranberry’s. Be careful once you open a tub it seems to disappear. UPC: 753510827024
Chèvre Fresh - Dill-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Dill chevre is our creamy chevre mixed with dill spice. This combination gives an addition tang to wake up your taste buds. UPC: 753510827086
Chèvre Fresh - Garlic & Herb-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Garlic & Herb chevre is our best-selling flavor. We use our creamy chevre and mix garlic with 7 different spices. If you are looking for a quick dinner solution, mix a tub with pasta and sundried tomatoes. Done! UPC: 753510827079
Chèvre Fresh - Plain-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm plain chevre is a multipurpose cheese, that can be used from salads to cheese cake. Also great with a chutney or favorite jelly if you need a quick horderve when company is coming to visit. UPC: 753510827031
Chèvre Fresh - Thyme-5 OZ
Fredrikson Farm - Fredrikson Farm Thyme is our smooth creamy chevre mixed in with the savory taste of thyme spice. When you want to add richness and flavor to a chicken breast, try stuffing it with Fredrikson Farm Thyme goat cheese. UPC: 753510827062

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