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Pierogi - Cabbage & Mushroom - 6/14 OZ
Jaju Pierogi - Another very traditional pierogi flavor, Jajuís Cabbage & Mushroom pierogies are made with sauerkraut, portobello mushrooms and onions, and light potato as a binder. Subtly tangy, these are great with sour cream! - UPC: 865053000489
Pierogi - Potato & Cheese  - 6/14 OZ
Jaju Pierogi - One of the most traditional pierogi flavors, Jajuís Potato & Cheese pierogies are made with farmers cheese, potatoes, onions, butter and spices. Simple, but just like family made. This is Jaju Pierogiís top selling flavor. - UPC: 865053000465
Pierogi - Spinach & Feta - 6/14 OZ
Jaju Pierogi - Reminiscent of a pasta filling, the spinach & feta flavor is a hidden hit with pierogi fans. In addition to the sauteed spinach, garlic, and onions, we use feta cheese as well as farmers cheese to round out the flavor. - UPC: 865053000496
Pierogi - Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion - 6/14 OZ
Jaju Pierogi - Our second-best seller, the sweetness of the roasted sweet potatoes and caramelized onions contrasts nicely with the light saltiness of the dough. Simple, delicious ingredients. - UPC: 865053000472

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