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Sea Beet Kraut - 15 Oz
By combining the umami flavors of Maine seaweed with earthy, sweet ginger and beets, our Sea-Beet kraut is unique, delicious, and heartily satisfying. This probiotic packed kraut has no added sugar
Sea Chi Kimchi - 15 Oz
This 2020 Good Food Award-winning Sea-Chi features probiotic packed raw kelp and clean ingredients. Atlantic Sea Farms fresh Maine seaweed shines in this mild, hand-crafted gluten-free kimchi. With perfect texture and balanced spice, Sea-Chi is a completely unique and delicious way to add variety to any dish.
Seaweed Salad Fermented - 15 Oz
2020 Sofi Award Winning Fermented Seaweed Salad is made with shredded kelp features on trend ingredients such as tamari, ginger, sesame, and fermented with mild vegan kimchi juice. Atlantic Sea Farms offers the only fresh Seaweed Salad on the market. Unlike the others out there, it is never dried, never dyed, and features clean, well-sourced ingredients.

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