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Pumpkin Seeds - Premium Select - Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt - 4 OZ
Superseedz - Welcome to pumpkin seed heaven! Originally from Austria, these are Premium European pumpkin seeds. Born without shells, they’re bigger, tastier and more snackable.. If you love smooth dark chocolate with a lightly salted crunch, these are just for you. - UPC:85546000352
Pumpkin Seeds - Premium Select - Maple Sugar & Sea Salt  - 4 OZ
Superseedz - This is one flavor you’re really going to enjoy and here’s why. Our Premium European pumpkin seeds are born without shells, bigger, tastier, and more snackable. Add 100% pure Vermont Maple sugar and unrefined sea salt….Boom! Super yummy goodness! - UPC:85546000351
Pumpkin Seeds - Premium Select - Pink Himalayan - 4 OZ
Superseedz - Pink Himalayan is the epitome of guilt free snacking. These Premium European pumpkin seeds are born without shells, bigger, tastier and more snackable. Each Kernel has a superfine pink salt coating that takes flavor to the next level. I call it snacking nirvana…enjoy. - UPC:85546000354

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