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Sorbet - Blackberry Lime (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Juicy ripe Wild Blackberries combined with Fresh Florida Lime Juice. A unique taste treat. UPC:759470100030
Sorbet - Grapefruit Campari® (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Fresh Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice and the Italian liqueur Campari. The perfect treat on a Summer day. UPC:759470200020
Sorbet - Lemon Zest (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - A Classic Sorbet. Freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with a touch of Lemon Liqueur. Perfection. UPC:759470200044
Sorbet - Mango Passion (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - A tropical treat. Mango Sorbet with Passion Fruit added for a blast of tropical tartness. UPC:759470100023
Sorbet - Peach Melba (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Peaches and raspberries mixed together for a surprising taste of summer. UPC:759470100047
Sorbet - Pear Ginger (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - A pear sorbet made with ripe Bartlett Pears and just a hint of Ginger. UPC:759470100054
Sorbet - Raspberry Cassis (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Raspberries and Black Currants a little Cassis liqueur for an intense flavor sensation. UPC:759470200037
Sorbet - Red Raspberry (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Just like Raspberries from the Raspberry patch. This Sorbet will amaze. UPC:759470100016
Sorbet - Wild Blueberry (Contains Sugar) - 8/16 OZ
Blue Moon Sorbet - Wild Maine Blueberries and a touch of lemon make this sorbet the perfect dessert. UPC:759470100078

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