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Adzuki Beans are a small, oval bean that is reddish-brown in color with a thin white line down the side. It has a nutty, sweet flavor and firm texture. When steamed with rice, the bean gives the rice slightly pink color which is quite attractive. The Adzuki is also referred to as a Adsuki, Aduki, Asuki, Azuki, Feijao, Tiensin Red, Field Pea, and Red Oriental bean. UPC: n/a
Great Northern Beans are great baked in casseroles, this was the traditional use of these beans. They are also good in soups and tossed with pasta and fresh herbs. UPC: n/a
Kidneys are versatile beans. In parts of Southeast Asia Kidney beans are cooked with coconut milk and hot chiles. In Mexico and Southwest Kidney beans often flavored with chiles, cumin, coriander, onions and cilantro. UPC: n/a
Baby Butter Lima Beans are a dwarf variety of the Lima Bean. The thin skin of this bean makes it cook quickly while imparting a creamy texture. The name of this bean comes from both its butter like color, sweet, rich flavor and creamy texture. This bean is also referred to as a sieva bean. UPC: n/a
A traditional ingredient in Indian cooking often used in curries, mung beans can also be sprouted and added to salads and sandwiches. To sprout, place beans between layers of damp cheesecloth, place in a dark place for about 2 days. UPC: n/a
The Navy Bean is related to the Kidney Bean and the most widely known bean in the white bean family. This bean is a small oval shaped bean about 3/8 inch long and white. Navy Beans have a mild flavor and mealy texture. The name comes from the fact that since the mid-1800's this bean was a staple for the U.S. Navy. UPC: n/a
The Pinto offers a full bodied, earthy flavor with a mealy texture. The Pinto Bean is used to make refried beans. The Pinto Bean originated in Central Mexico and is popular in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. UPC: n/a
USA grown. The Cajun half of red beans and rice, delicious in Spanish rice too. A popular member of the kidney bean family with the same rich red but similar to black beans in size. Rich in dietary fiber, low fat, and a good source of protein. UPC: n/a
The delicious, slightly nutty flavored soybean has been cultivated in China for over 3,000 years but the good news about soy's culinary versatility and exceptional health benefits is a relatively recent phenomenon in the West. Different varieties of this truly amazing legume are available throughout the year. UPC: n/a
USA grown.This tiny black lentil is very unusual. Introduced to the natural food industry by Timeless in the early 1990's, this unique lentil has found its way to menus at upper end restaurants and specialty stores across the country. It was named by one of our favorite customers for its "caviar like" appearance once it is cooked. At 24% protein, the BELUGA ranks highest of any lentil we've found. Mild flavor makes the Beluga a good choice for delicately spiced soups and salads. Try BELUGAS as a bed for fish or chicken. UPC: n/a
USA grown. Sometimes called "French Green", this beautiful blue/green mottled lentil originated in the le PUY region of France. Its distinctive appearance is matched by its excellent flavor and smooth texture. Throw in its fine cooking qualities and ability to hold its body, and it is easily understood why the exquisite DU PUY LENTIL is preferred by gourmet chefs in Europe. Highly recommended as an ingredient in broth-based, herb soups and gently flavored hot or cold salads. Cooks in about 30 minutes at a simmer. UPC: n/a
Lentils are quick cooking, which makes them an easy addition to many soups. They are also good cooked and chilled for salads or mixed with bread crumbs as a vegetable stuffing. Or blend lentils with middle eastern couscous for a bed for seafood or poultry. UPC: n/a
Red Lentils are a hearty addition to casseroles, soups and stews. Season Red Lentils with spicy chile peppers, fresh herbs, garlic or curry powders. They're delicious in cold or hot salads; toss cooked, chilled lentils and diced roasted vegetables with a little olive oil. UPC: n/a
This fast cooking legume lends itself to many recipes. It mixes well with a variety of greens, including Okra, Collard and Swiss Chard. Hoppin' John is a traditional souther recipe using this bean. Also referred to as a Black Eyed bean, Cow Pea, Field Pea, Tonkin Pea, China Pea, Marble Pea, Brown Eyed Pea, Jerusalem Pea, Black Eyed Suzy and Lobhia. UPC: n/a
The nutty flavor and firm texture of the Garbanzo Bean makes it very versatile. Also known as chick peas, Ceci, cici, cheechee, Pois Chiche, Gran, Kabuli, Channa, or Safaid Beans. Garbanzo are found often in Indian and Mediterranean dishes. They are high in fat content and are a good source of calcium, the B Vitamins, protein and iron.UPC: n/a
Split Peas are most commonly used in thick soups and stews. The peas break apart when cooking, adding to the texture of the soup. Split Peas can also be used to make dips and spread or they can be included with other ingredients in baked casserole or stuffings. UPC: n/a

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