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English Clotted Cream - 5.6 Oz
If you have not tasted a scone with jam and clotted or Devon cream you have missed out on one of the greatest tastes! These thick creams are absolutely delicious and are best explained as a cross between ice cream and butter. They can be stored in a cool place without refrigeration unopened and they keep for many months. Once opened they should be consumed within 5 days. UPC: 73500600014
HP sauce is the only genuine and original brown sauce which since 1899 has set the standard for quality. Everyone's favorite this legendary and uniquely distinctive taste sensation is the result ofHP's dedication to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using a closely guarded secret recipe. UPC: 79285135656
Yeast Extract - 7.5 Oz Sqeeze Bottle
A savory paste that is made from yeast Marmite is an addicting and nutritious addition to your vegan diet. With a rich cheese-like flavor (like a concentrated nutritional yeast) it's perfect as a light spread on toast or crackers added to soups or stews for a "beefy" stock flavor mixed in with grains or potatoes for a subtle flavoring - we even love to dip pretzels in it! UPC: 500011820249

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