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Beans Cannellini - 12 Oz
The Cannellini has a mild nutty flavor and creamytexture. Cannellini nut like flavor is favored inpasta e fasolia and minestrone soups Tuscan tunaand white bean salads. Cannellini are a tasteful addition to hearty soups and stews. Try CannelliniBeans in a cold salad with marinated artichoke hearts fresh basil and olive oil. UPC: 68708000091
Beans Cranberry (Berlotti) - 12 Oz
Cranberry Beans are known for their creamy texture with a flavor similar to chestnuts. Cranberry beans are rounded with red specks which disappear on cooking. These beans are a favorite in northern Italy and Spain and are often used in pasta and soup dishes such as Pasta e Fagioli. UPC: 68708000100
Beans Fava - 12 Oz
The tough skinned dried Fava Bean must be soaked overnight before usage. Fava Beans are often served as a puree or on its own. Mash cooked Fava Beansand mix with olive oil garlic chopped jalapenocumin and lemon juice for an authentic Egyptian dish served with pita. They can also be roasted andeaten as a snack a common cooking method in eastAsia. UPC: 68708000088
Beans Fermented Black - 12 Oz
Fermented Black Beans are a flavorful and unique taste to many dishes. Finely chop and add to fish or meat dishes. Bean paste made from fermented beans is a wonderful sauce for steamed broccoli or stir fry. UPC: 68708000107
Beans Flageolet - 12 Oz
Flageolet Beans are very tender have a light fresh taste delicate texture and tender skin. Cooked Flageolet tossed with lemon and fresh herbs is adelightful companion dish to fish meat or poultry dishes. This bean is a classic for French cassoulets of lamb and vegetables. UPC: 68708000089
Beans Giant Peru Lima - 12 Oz
The giant Peruvian Lima has creamy texture and a savory flavor. The light flavor of this legume makes it a wonderful side dish simply tossed with olive oil and fresh herbs. The smooth texture allowsthe bean to work well in a pureed form. UPC: 68708000086
Beans Split Mung - 12 Oz
Mung Beans have a sweet flavor soft texture andare easy to digest. Split Mung Beans are a traditional ingredient in Indian cooking often used in curries. Split Mung Beans can also be ground in a mill or blender and used to make vegetable fritters. UPC: 68708002716
Black Eye Peas - 12 OZ
Black Eyed Peas (Vigna Unguiculata) are related to the Mung Bean. These beans are medium sized cream colored beans with a 'Black Eye' on the inner curve of the bean. Black Eyed Peas are about 3/8 long and have a sweet, mild pea-like flavor and firm texture. The Black Eyed Pea absorbs the flavors of a dish very well. Also referred to as a Black Eyed bean, Cow Pea, Field Pea, Tonkin Pea, China Pea, Marble Pea, Brown Eyed Pea, Jerusalem Pea, Black Eyed Suzy and Lobhia. This bean is believed to have originated in Eastern Asia. It was brought to the Americas with the African slave trade. Black Eyed Beans were a staple of many plantation diets. Eaten on New Year's Day, Black Eyed Beans are thought to bring good luck for the following year. This fast cooking legume lends itself to many recipes. It mixes well with a variety of greens, including Okra, Collard and Swiss Chard. Hoppin' John is a traditional southern recipe using this bean. UPC:68708019338
Lentils Autumn Blend - 12 Oz
Our Autumn Lentil Blend is a seasonal colored blend of some of our best selling lentils including French Green Petite Crimson Golden Black Beluga Spanish Pardina and Ivory White Lentils. The color of the blend fades if cooked too long. The blend provides a mild earthly flavor and soft texture. UPC: 68708000999
Lentils Black Beluga USA (Organic) - 16 Oz
This tiny black lentil is very unusual. It was named by one of our favorite customers for its "caviar like" appearance once it is cooked. At 24% protein the BELUGA ranks highest of any lentil we've found. Mild flavor makes the Beluga a good choice for delicately spiced soups and salads. Try BELUGAS as a bed for fish or chicken. UPC: 68385506041
Lentils Du Puy Style USA (Organic) - 16 Oz
Sometimes called "French Green" this beautiful blue/green mottled lentil originated in the le PUY region of France. Its distinctive appearance is matched by its excellent flavor and smooth texture. Throw in its fine cooking qualities and ability tohold its body and it is easily understood why the exquisite DU PUY LENTIL is preferred by gourmet chefs in Europe. Highly recommended as an ingredient in broth-based herb soups and gently flavored hot or cold salads. UPC: 68385506043
Lentils French Green - 12 Oz
French Green Lentils (Lens Esculenta) are a hard-to-find Lentil that are a beautiful deep fall green. These lentils contain a seed coat and are 1/2 cm. wide with a mild earthly flavor. The French Green Lentils texture is a bit firmer than most other lentils and hold their shape well when cooked. 0 UPC: 68708000104
Lentils Green USA (Organic) - 16 Oz
A large versatile lentil with a greenish brown seed coat. Earthy in flavor the GREEN LENTIL is a good choice for chili baked dishes stews and hearty soups. Makes a nice side dish for beef or buffalo entrees. It is the favorite lentil in many South American countries. UPC: 68385506042
Lentils Harvest Gold USA (Organic) - 16 Oz
This bright yellow lentil is sunshine in a package! With its dull skin removed the HARVEST GOLD isa quick cooking ingredient that works well in dips soups and baked goods. HARVEST GOLD LENTILS become mushy if overcooked so we don't recommend them for long-simmering stews casseroles or clear soups. UPC: 68385506047
Lentils Petite Crimson USA (Organic) - 16 Oz
The crimson lentil has had its rusty brown skin removed to reveal the bright red seed. It is quick cooking and is well suited for Mid Eastern and Asian cuisine. Since it is "skinless" and very quickcooking it is recommended for recipes that call for purees and all recipes calling for "Red Lentils". Does not hold its shape well if overcooked. UPC: 68385506045

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