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Candies and Confections galore! Carob, Chocolate, Yummies, Gummies, Yogurt covered, Fruit Rocks, Lollipops & Ginger Chews, Balls, Pretzels, Clusters, Slices & Pinwheels...whatever your sweet tooth desires!
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Our rich 61% dark cacao dark chocolate is drenched over our dry roasted sea salt almonds, then mixed with sugar and sea salt to create this delicious treat. Nothing Artificial 0g Trans Fats No Preservatives No Hydrogenated Oils Non-GMO Cholesterol Free UPC:08670022605
All Natural Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Almond Caramels - 10#
Chewy, crunchy and delicious! Our all natural caramel is mixed with dry roasted almonds then coated with rich 61% cacao dark chocolate to create these irresistible bite-sized treats! Made with 61% Dark Cacao & Organic Vanilla Nothing Artificial 0g Trans Fats No Preservatives No Hydrogenated Oils Non-GMO UPC:08670091352
Sunridge Farms - Soft, chewy and delicious Black & Red Aussie Licorice made with No Artificial Ingredients and No PreservativesNon- GMO & Low FatLow Saturated FatNo Hydrogenated Oil0g Trans FatsLow SodiumNo Artificial FlavorsNo Artificial ColorsNo Preservatives UPC: 08670001402
UPC: 08670001370
Citrus Berry Assortment - All Natural Bubble Gum - Individually Wrapped - Contains Sugar - Kosher - Vegan - 10#
Tree Hugger All Natural Bubble Gum- CITRUS BERRY Assortment. Non-GMO. No Corn Syrup. Kosher. Vegan. No Artificial Colors. No Artificial Flavors. Gluten Free. Nut Free. Includes: Tangerine, Classic Bubble Gum, Orange, Lemon-Lime & Berry.
Coconut Dark Chocolate Chews (Contains Sugar) - 10lb*
Chewy coconut bites dipped in delectable rich and smooth 60% cacao dark chocolate. Hand crafted in house by our skilled confectioners, using only the freshest ingredients. Made with real vanilla and coconut, nothing artificial, no preservatives and 0g trans fats/no hydrogenated oils. UPC: 08670093615
UPC: n/a
Dark Chocolate Almonds (Organic, Fair Trade, Contains Sugar) - 10lb*
Our rich fair trade dark chocolate smothers our organic dry roasted almonds to create this delicious treat. We offer a selection of Fair Trade products which help support programs that enable farmers to receive fair and sustainable prices, offer premiums to farmers & children for schools, and much more. UPC: 08670001528
Dark Chocolate Banana Chips (Contains Sugar) - 10lb*
Crisp banana chips are coated in dark chocolate for a heavenly treat. A perfect balance of sweet and crunch that is hard to resist! Our rich dark chocolate will satisfy your chocolate craving! Made with cane sweetened chocolate, 61% dark cacao, no artificial ingredients, and 0g trans fats/no hydrogenated oils. UPC: 08670021123
Introducing & welcoming All Natural Mini Malt Balls to our growing selection of SunRidge Farms All Natural Candy & Confections. These bite-sized candies have an All Natural Crispy Malt Ball Center, coated in NON-GMO Dark Chocolate with 61% Dark Cacao... The Ultimate Crowd Pleaser Popular Treat for Holidays Great Snack During Movies Delicious Dessert Choice Perfect for Parties or Other Occasions Ideal Ice Cream Topping UPC: 08670022609
UPC: 08670009500
UPC: n/a
UPC: n/a
UPC: 73402755145
UPC: 01264730215
UPC: 01264731110
UPC: 01264730615
Milk Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Cups - Contains Sugar - 25#*
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - Contains Sugar - 15#*
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Malt Balls (Contains Sugar) - 10lb*
The ultimate crowd pleaser! Our Malt Ball centers are covered with rich creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate. These delicious treats are perfect for any occasion, delicious for desserts and are ideal ice cream toppings. Made with real vanilla. Made without artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, Non-GMO and 0g trans fats/no hydrogenated oils. UPC: 08670021335
UPC: 01264730315
UPC: 01264711915
Milk Chocolate Rainbow Drops (Contains Sugar) - 10lb*
Presenting our new All Natural Candy, Milk Chocolate Rainbow Drops! These delicious candies feature all natural premium quality chocolate and real vanilla in a pure cane sugar shell. Rainbow Drops come in 7 beautiful colors, each derived from vegetable juice, rather than food dyes. Made with nothing artificial, no titanium dioxide, 0g trans fats/no hydrogenated oils, Non-GMO and no preservatives. UPC: 08670001006
UPC: 08670021312
All Natural Milk Chocolate Pretzels Crisp, crunchy pretzels are dipped in creamy milk chocolate for a wonderful pairing of sweet and salty. UPC: 08670021340
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