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Timeleess Seeds - - UPC: 683855060155
Butter & Sea Salt - Microwave Popcorn - 6/6.9 OZ
The rich, smooth, authentic butter flavor of our new Butter & Sea Salt popcorn is completely unique to the microwave popcorn aisle. We are using real butter, from rBST-free cow’s milk, not “butter flavoring”. As always, our kernels are organic and Non-GMO and our Pure-Pop Bag is so clean its compostable! ---UPC:85636900408
Timeleess Seeds - - UPC: 683855060216
Couscous Middle Eastern - 12 Oz
Couscous comes from the starchy endosperm part ofhard wheat kernels. It is easy and fast to prepare and a good source of B vitamins. It may be served as a hot breakfast cereal or as a side dish. UPC: 68708007228
Farro - Pearled (Organic) 2.4#
Maine Grains - Farro is the Italian name for ‘hulled’ wheat. The ancient strains of hulled wheat include spelt, emmer, and einkorn. These grains have a husky “hull” that must be removed to get the edible kernel on the inside. Farro “perlato”, refers to pearled wheat, whereby the tough bran coat has been polished to let water in during cooking and create a tender bite. Maine Grains pearled farro is made from spelt and still has some of its bran intact, giving the grain a roasted, nutty flavor while providing high fiber, protein and vital nutrients. Use like you would rice in pilaf, soups, and grain salads. Farro does contain gluten and is not suitable for those with celiac disease. UPC: 854396007170
Timeleess Seeds - - UPC: 683855060131
Farro Semipearl Wheat Italy - 17.6 Oz
Farro a grain is an unhybridized form of wheat.It has a firm chewy texture. Cleaned and pearl shape Roland® Farro is a product of Italy. Farro is the original grain made from wheat and dates back to the ancient Egyptians. UPC: 04122472140
Fonio (African Supergrain) - 10 OZ
Yolele - Fonio (Digitaria exilis) is a tiny ancient grain that has been grown and celebrated across West Africa for thousands of years. Fonio has been found entombed in Egyptian pyramids. To the Dogon people of Mali, it is “the seed of the universe” – the grain at the root of all existence. In most of West Africa, fonio is served to guests as a sign of honor. UPC: 74825231069
Freekeh - Cracked (Vegan) - 9 Oz 31857
Freekeh - Wholegrain (Vegan) - 9 Oz
Freekehlicious, better than ever, and always, Nature's Recipe for Well-Being.
Polenta (Organic) 2.4#
Maine Grains - A rustic coarse ground organic yellow flint corn, this polenta makes a creamy porridge, wonderful served with sautéed vegetables, sauce or ragu- or for breakfast. Just put an egg on it! To speed up the process, try soaking the polenta overnight in milk, cook, and enjoy the following morning! UPC: 858043003805
UPC: 63551911410
Quinoa Grain (Organic) - 12 Oz
An ancient grain like product that has recently been "rediscovered" in this country quinoa has a light delicate taste and can be substituted for almost any other grain. Quinoa was of great nutritional importance within pre-columbian Andean civilizations being secondary only to the potato and followed in third place by maize. In contemporary times this crop has come to be highly appreciated for its nutritional value and the United Nations has classified it as a super crop for its very high protein content (12-18%). UPC: 08912512000
Quinoa Inca Red (Organic) - 12 Oz
A new quinoa with ancient roots... Twenty years ago the Quinoa Corporation re-introduced the grain Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) to the world. This important grain has ancient origins dating back over five thousand years to the vast and mighty Inca civilization of South America. Today we are pleased to introduce another ancient variety -- Inca Red Quinoa. Working with local indigenous farming communities in the altiplano highlands of the Andes mountains the Quinoa Corporation has "re-discovered" and helped recover this ancient and almost extinct Pasankalla variety of red Quinoa. With its impressive red and burgundy coloring its unique appearance and texture and its marvelous flavor we are sure our Inca Red Quinoa will become a welcome addition in modern kitchens around the world. Quinoa was so important to the Inca culture they referred to it as the Mother Grain. We call it the "Supergrain of the Future" because of its unique qualities. Quinoa contains more high quality protein than any other grain -- The National Academy of Sciences calls it "one of the best sources of protein in the vegetable kingdom". Quinoa stands alone as a complete protein grain -- it provides all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern close to the ideal set by the united nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).Quinoa contains no gluten -- this makes quinoa the perfect food for people who follow a wheat-free/gluten-free diet.Quinoa is light tasty and easy to digest -- this delica UPC: 08912517000
Wheat Germ Toasted - 16 Oz
UPC: 07597477715

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