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Baharat Spice - 1.75 OZ
New York Shuk - Baharat Spice is the superhero of the spice world- it always saves the day! This all-purpose spice blend with a Middle Eastern twist can be used on just about everything. Our version combines the sweetness of rose petals and cinnamon with a touch of heat from fresh black peppercorns, for an aromatic blend that enlivens hearty flavor UPC: 85190700701
Hawaij Spice - 1.9 OZ
New York Shuk - Hawaij is no wallflower, with its gorgeous golden hue and powerful fragrance. Originally from Yemen, this earthy spice blend is a favorite flavor in Israel where it comes to life in slow-simmered dishes. Think of it as masala’s Middle Eastern cousin. UPC: 85190700708
Herbamare Seasoning (Organic) - 8.8 Oz
UPC: 02171841216
Herby Harissa Spice - 1.8 OZ
New York Shuk - Our authentic Harissa spice is blended with the finest Mediterranean herbs, delivering an earthy, aromatic edge to your favorite dishes. Heat Level: Medium - Shelf Life: 18 months UPC: 85190700714
Rosey Harissa Spice - 1.9 OZ
New York Shuk - Our special Rose Harissa is skillfully blended using delicate rose petals and the best sun-dried chili peppers, adding a fragrant hit to your favorite dishes. Mild in heat, big on flavor! Heat Level: Mild - Shelf Life: 18 months UPC: 85190700715
Pure Sargol Iranian Saffron. Four .125 gram capsules per .5 gram pack. UPC: 04570200050
Shawarma Spice - 1.8 OZ
New York Shuk - Meet our Middle Eastern pantry in a jar! Inspired by the bold flavors of shawarma, the Middle Eastern street food classic of meat cooked on a rotating spit, this is your go-to spice for adding a piquant flavor to everything from vegetables and fish to grilled meats. UPC: 85190700702

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