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Conserve Raspberry (Organic, Family Size) - 16.5 Oz
The raspberries used by Crofters are selected for their exceptional color and flavor and are grown in Chile and Europe. UPC: 06727500650
Conserve Strawberry (Organic, Family Size) - 16.5 Oz
They use both Chilean and European strawberries. The use of Northern varieties including Hoods Totems and especially the Senga Senganas guarantees a superior flavor and color. UPC: 06727500651
Curd Lemon (Contains Sugar) - 11 Oz
UPC: 05947140701
Jam Maine Wild Blueberry & Ginger (Contains Sugar) - 8.25 Oz
Mother's Mountain - Wild and wonderful from the blueberry barrens of Coastal Maine they combine the pick of the crop with tangy ginger to serve on your biscuits muffins ice cream pancakes and waffles. UPC: 04008378132
Jam Raspberry & Rhubarb (Contains Sugar) - 8.25 Oz
Mother's Mountain - A terrific blend of raspberries and fresh tart rhubarb to complement waffles muffins ice cream and pancakes. UPC: 04008378133
Jelly Mint (Contains Sugar) - 8 Oz
Rosebud has produced one of the finest Mint Jellies on the market. Made with apples unrefined sugar fresh lemon juice and fresh mint this classic Mint Jelly is sweet and aromatic. It is traditionally served with lamb and is also good in stews and casseroles. UPC: 67938500024
UPC: 66528800022
Marmalade Orange (Contains Sugar) - 16 Oz
Medium Cut 50/50 Sweet and Bitter Orange with rawcane sugar. UPC: 05947133002
Sauce Cranberry - (Organic, Gluten-Free) - 10 Oz
New England classic cranberry sauce for the quintessential accompaniment to any meal. UPC: 89777400023

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