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Black Tea Chai Spice - 20 Count
Spicy aromatic blend of black teas ginger cinnamon allspice nutmeg clove and cardamom. UPC: 07765208254
Black Tea Earl Grey - 20 Count
Premium black teas scented with oil of bergamot. Smooth and aromatic. UPC: 07765208227
Black Tea English Breakfast - 20 Count
This old favorite is full-bodied and stimulating.Adding milk gives it a silky texture. UPC: 07765208228
Decaf Tea Chai Spice - 18 Count
A naturally decaffeinated version of our popular Chai Spice. Now you can enjoy our Chai any time ofday. For our decaffeinated teas we use an advanced completely natural European process. This process removes 99.5% of the caffeine leaving the tea leaves with all the flavor color and aroma you expect from Stash premium teas. UPC: 07765208279
Green Tea Moroccan Mint - 20 Count
Exotic blend of green tea and mints with a hint of lemon. UPC: 07765208235
Herbal Tea Chamomile - 20 Count
Classic soothing herbal tea with apple-like flavor notes. Naturally caffeine free. UPC: 07765208221
Herbal Tea Lemon Ginger - 20 Count
This lively tea offers wide-awake flavor without caffeine. Smooth lemon flavor with a lingering bite of ginger. UPC: 07765208249
Herbal Tea Peppermint - 20 Count
Captures the delicate refreshing flavor of Oregon peppermint - the world's finest. Excellent aftermeals. Naturally caffeine free. UPC: 07765208222
Tea Bengal Spice - 6/20 Count
Bengal Spice has a sweet creamy flavor that adds a sumptuous quality to this medley of herbs and spices! This zesty blend is an exotic taste adventure with cinnamon ginger and cardamom to awaken your senses. A hint of vanilla smooths the flavor and adds a bit of sweetness. UPC: 07073405328
Tea Black Decaf Pyramid - 40 Count Bags
All the delicious PG Tips flavor you love but without all the caffeine. UPC: 500011808246
Tea Black Pyramid - 40 Count Bags
The revolutionary PG tips pyramid bag gives the tea leaves more room to move for the most delicious PG tips tea yet. Available in 40s 80s 160s and240s pyramid bags. UPC: 66780300090
Tea Black Pyramid - 80 Count
The revolutionary PG Tips Pyramid bag gives the tea more room to move for the tastiest PG Tips yet.0 UPC: 66780300095
Tea Breathe Easy - 16 Count
How does it taste? It's a complex blend of herbaltastes - spicy aromatic somewhat bitter and astringent and slightly sweet. UPC: 03291700015
Tea Chamomile - 6/20 Count
Pure 100% natural chamomile gives Chamomile Herb Tea the luscious golden tone and delicate flavor that make it a traditional favorite. Chamomile tea has long been cherished as a soothing antidote for life's complications. UPC: 07073400010
Tea Chamomile (Organic) - 16 Count
Chamomile tea is a calmative and digestive aid* and offers relief from occasional indigestion. It gently benefits the nervous system and the gastrointestinal system. Organic Chamomile tea is pleasantly aromatic and slightly bitter and is known for its gentle apple-like smoothness. Chamomile's wonderful taste is well known and enjoyed. UPC: 03291700149
Tea Chamomile Herb (Organic) - 16 Count
Our select organic Egyptian chamomile has a round deep body and lingering sweetness with an elegant floral flavor that is ideal for a comforting tea break. [Caffeine-free] UPC: 04744591942
Tea Echinacea Elder (Organic) - 16 Count
Echinacea Elder herbal syrup contains a water extract of our laboratory tested Organic Echinacea Elder herbal tea formula plus European elderberry extract in a base of kosher glycerin and organic honey with elder fruit extract. This syrup is perfect for kids! UPC: 03291700154
Tea Echinacea Plus (Organic) - 16 Count
Organic Echinacea Plus activates and stimulates immune cells*. How does it taste? A fresh and mild mint flavor with a twist of citrus. You can taste a characteristic tingle on your tongue from the alkylamides in Echinacea which is one of the important indicators or herb quality. UPC: 03291700051
Tea- English Breakfast (Organic) - 20 Count
This malty, full-bodied cup is a blend of black teas from Sri Lanka and India. A fine morning tradition, add a splash of milk and sweeten for a truly English experience. 20 tea bags per box.
Tea Ginger Aid (Organic) - 16 Count
Organic Ginger Aid promotes the flow of digestivejuices and increases tone in the muscular walls of the stomach* a normal process that keeps the digestive system ready to function. Ginger tea is traditionally used for indigestion and clinical datasupports its use for the prevention of nausea andvomiting. There's lots of pungent spicy ginger in Organic Ginger Aid. It's also sweet with a twist of lemon (lemon myrtle that is). UPC: 03291700102
Tea Gypsy Cold Care - 16 Count
Gypsy Cold CareŽ is a complex and aromatic blend of herbal tastes ? pungent slightly bitter mintyand sweet. UPC: 03291700016
Tea Kukicha Twig - 1.75 Oz
A soothing and calming tea made from a blend of organic twigs and mature dried leaves from four separate harvests. Steamed sun dried roasted in gasfired rotating iron ovens and aged for 2 to 3 years in order to develop the best flavor. Lowest caffeine of our imported teas 90 percent less than coffee. Ideal at meal's end. A perfect beverage forkids 'tea and juice' - mix half kukicha tea and half apple juice. Convenient re-sealable foil lined pouch. UPC: 02418218133
Tea Lemon Zinger - 6/20 Count
The tart and tangy taste of 100% natural Lemon Zinger delivers a bolt of invigorating flavor to liven up your day. Dried whole lemons blended with hibiscus rosehips and lemon grass create a zippy sensation and deliver that unmistakable Zinger to your taste buds. UPC: 07073405317
Tea Mint Magic - 6/20 Count
Mint Magic Herb Tea is an artful blend which combines the refreshing lift of spearmint with the mild natural sweetness of peppermint. For this wonderfully minty blend we have combined the finest spearmint and peppermint from the cool green hills and valleys of the American Pacific Northwest. Soothing hot and delightfully refreshing iced Mint Magic Herb Tea possesses a lively spirit. The fresh minty aroma and full-flavored taste will put magic in your teacup. UPC: 07073405320
Tea Peppermint - 6/20 Count
Peppermint Herb Tea combines the whistling cool freshness of mint with the steaming comfort of a hot mug of 100% natural herb tea. Settle into an intimate cove and while away a few moments on yourself letting the delectably sweet taste of peppermint pour over your thoughts. Savor the natural goodness of Peppermint Herb Tea either hot or iced and nestle into the freshly cool flavor of mint. UPC: 07073400008
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