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Chicken Sausage Italian - 12 Oz
Their Mild Italian Style Sausage has all of the taste of the Old Country without all the fat. You'll love the taste of freshly cored red & green bell peppers in your favorite pasta dish. UPC: 0-71728 07020-0
Chicken Sausage Porcini (Organic) - 12 Oz
Bilinskiís Organic Porcini Mushroom Chicken Sausage is a fresh new flavor like no other. We combine organically grown porcini mushrooms with a subtle taste of garlic, basil and other organic spices. The freshness of our organically raised chicken and this unique blend of mushrooms and spices will delight your taste buds. This variety is a great addition to rice, pasta, salad or any meal! UPC: 0-71728 07120-7
Chicken Sausage Spinach & Feta (Organic) - 12 Oz
Bilinskiís Organic Spinach & Feta Chicken Sausage is bursting with delicious organic spinach, garlic and feta cheese. Youíll be sure to love this variety. Try this one with pasta, on a warm roll, or use it to spice up your favorite soup. UPC: 0-71728 07100-9
Chicken Sausage Spinach & Garlic - 12 Oz
They use spinach - approximately 10% by weight. Since spinach is so light that is a LOT of spinach. The special blend of spices brings out tons of flavor in this sausage- LOTS of garlic and the subtle flavor of fennel seed add a special flare. This sausage can be a delicious alternative to traditional Italian Sausage in many recipes. UPC: 0-71728 07000-2

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