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Certified Organic Whole Grain Wheat Berries. These are the entire wheat kernel (except for the hull). They are nutrient rich and an excellent source of dietary fiber. UPC: 85569500312
Mount Williams - A Maine cupboard staple since 1906, Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor provides you with the full quality and flavor of vanilla extract to enhance your baking experience without added sweeteners, fruit juices, other complimentary flavors, or alcohol. Made primarily from the essential, savory compounds found in the vanilla orchid, Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor is alcohol-free, yielding a deeper flavor that will not “cook out” when baking, adding a full, mellow taste to frostings, whipped toppings, and many other creations. Singular in its position as the only true, premium, vanilla flavoring, most who try Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor make the switch from costly extract and low-quality imitation offerings due to its unmatched flavor profile. UPC: 737271000155
Autumn Lane - A staple for home bakers, confectioners, and ice cream makers, Autumn Lane Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract brings a bright, warm essence to all of your home baking needs. With a quality and taste matching high-end market leaders, Autumn Lane Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract targets the sophisticated buyer at a very attractive price. Unfiltered and inviting from its caramel-golden hue, those who demand the best see it and taste it in every quality ounce. Our artisanal, single-fold offering is extracted from premium vanilla beans using traditional methods for the discerning purist in search of the highest quality flavor. If it has to be pure vanilla extract, you will experience one of the best vanilla extracts available on the market today. UPC: 737271000100

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