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Coconut Aminos -Organic - GAL
Kevala - Kevala’s Coconut Aminos is a healthy alternative to soy sauce, same distinctive flavor with only half the sodium. Obtained from the coconut blossom, our savory sauce has 17 amino acids; an excellent soy-free seasoning that will bring out a rich, bold flavor in any dish or snack. Mix it in salad dressings, soups, or sautéed veggies, sprinkle over tofu before baking, or over popcorn for a healthy snack. UPC: 81653601277
Woodland Foods - Harissa is a hot chile paste ubiquitous in North African cuisine and made from a variety of spicy chiles. Harissa Spice Blend captures the bold, smoky flavor of the classic sauce using an all-natural blend of fiery chiles, garlic, tomato, and warm spices. • Hot, spicy flavor of chiles with a complex array of savory spices • Coarsely ground and crushed spices • Deep, rusty red color UPC:
Tahini - Sesame Roasted -   40#
Sesame King is the leading brand of 100% pure ground tahini pastes, made from the finest sesame seeds. Each Sesame King tahini is all-natural, with a subtle, delightful aroma, rich with texture and delicious taste. Key points: High Quality, Pasteurized, All natural with no preservatives, Vegan, 100% Pure ground mechanically hulled sesame seeds, Non GMO Verified, Nut Free, Gluten Free, 0g Trans Fat, Made in the USA, Kosher, Every batch is lab tested to ensure a clean and great tasting product. - UPC: 661676120401

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