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Baking Powder - Aluminum Free - 4 OZ Canister
NEW! Smaller 4 ounce size Rumford Baking Powder has been a trusted name in baking powder for generations. This quick-acting formula ensures that your baked goods are consistent in quality and uniformity, batch after batch. Use Rumford to achieve a delicate crumb structure that will melt in your mouth and leave your family wanting more. • Aluminum free • Resealable, recyclable container • Double acting • Gluten free • Zero Trans Fat • Kosher: Pareve ---UPC:04161700220
Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar - Organic (Contains Sugar) - 4 OZ
Artisan Kettle - The foundation of dark chocolate delights. These dark, full-bodied bars are ideal for adding a rich, deep flavor to all of your favorite baked goods. UPC: 884983000260
Bittersweet Chocolate Chips - Organic (Contains Sugar) - 10 OZ
Artisan Kettle - The perfect combination of bitter and sweet Sure to brighten up any recipe. With a rich, deep flavor in a larger drop, these chips add full-bodied flavor to all of your favorite baked goods. UPC: 884983000086
UPC: 879884005841
Cherry Jel Dessert - Contains Sugar - Vegan - 3 OZ Box
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Vegan. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavors. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Certified Kosher.---UPC:79450432956
Coconut Cream Organic Heavy Coconut Cream   -   13.5 OZ
Let's Do Organic - N/A
Coconut Milk - Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk -   7.4 OZ
Let's Do Organic - N/A
Cornstarch Organic - 6 Oz
Let's Do... Organic Cornstarch is a wonderful thickening and stabilizing agent, perfect for making gravy, sauce, custard and so much more! To produce Let's Do... Organic Cornstarch we begin with certified organic and GMO-free corn, and we chop its kernels into tiny bits. We wash these chopped kernels with a strong, clean water rinse, then spin in a centrifuge to separate out the starch. After filtering and drying thoroughly, we have a pure organic cornstarch powder, perfect for your baking needs. Since Let's Do... Organic Cornstarch has twice the thickening power of flour, when a recipe calls for flour you may use half as much organic cornstarch to thicken the recipe. Just remember that one tablespoon of cornstarch equals two tablespoons flour.
Dark Chocolate Chips - Organic (No Sugar Added) - 9 OZ
Artisan Kettle - Keto Friendly dark chocolate that’s full of rich indulgence. Sweetened with organic stevia extract, these chips are guilt free and perfect for baking and snacking. UPC: 884983000805
Extra Dark Chocolate Chunks - Organic (Contains Sugar) - 9 OZ
Artisan Kettle - Dark chocolate chunks with bold decadent flavor. Full of deep delicious and complex notes, these chunks will elevate any baked good. UPC: 884983000291
Flour - Unbleached White All Purpose (Organic) - 5lb
UPC: 86057800099
Flour Organic Japanese Buckwheat Flour -   2.4#
Maine Grains - Distinctively nutty and naturally without gluten (but milled in the same facility as wheat). Grown in Maine.
Flour -Organic Rye Flour -   2.4#
Maine Grains - Winter hardy rye grown in Maine. Low in gluten, rich in fiber and nutrition. Stone ground in fine and coarse grinds.
Maine Grains - Hard red wheat. 11-13% protein. Lightly sifted to produce a lighter textured flour consisting of 86% of the kernel.
Flour Organic Whole Spelt Flour and Berries -   2.4#
Maine Grains - Grown in Maine. One of the ancient hulled wheats, spelt is a principal grain used in Germany and Switzerland. Nutrient dense with a sweet aroma. 11% protein. Varieties are Oberkulmer and Sungold.
Maine Grains - 11-13% protein.
Gelatin Unflavored - 1 OZ Box - 4 pk
For over 100 years, Knox Gelatine has been a staple of American kitchens. Knox is unflavored and low in fat, so it is perfect for dips, spreads, salads and especially desserts. Best of all, recipes with Knox are quick and easy to prepare, as well as delicious. More than 100 years since it was first introduced, Knox unflavored Gelatine is as timely as ever. As a low-calorie pure protein food, it fits perfectly into modern lifestyles as an essential ingredient for light, healthful cooking. ---UPC:04300004868
Lemon Jel Dessert - Contains Sugar - Vegan - 3 OZ Box
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Vegan. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavors. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Certified Kosher.---UPC:79450432966
Milk Chocolate Chips - Organic (Contians Sugar) - 10 OZ
Artisan Kettle - Sweet, creamy and dreamy. With a milder flavor than darker chocolates, these chips are delicious in desserts and right out of the bag. UPC: 884983000109
Natural Vanilla Extract - Contains Sugar - Gluten Free -1 OZ Bottle
Our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is a baker’s quality, all-natural flavor that has become an essential tool for both the professional and home kitchen. Use for baking, candy making, ice creams, sorbets or whenever a recipe calls for real natural flavor. Begin with ¼ teaspoon for each 8oz. cup of ingredients, depending on desired strength. Gluten Free ---UPC:76009292002
Orange Jel Dessert - Contains Sugar - Vegan - 3 OZ Box
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Vegan. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavors. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Certified Kosher.---UPC:79450432996
Organic Baking Cocoa 8 oz
Equal Exchange: Delicious organic fairly traded cocoa baking powder is perfect for brownies, cakes, cookies and countless desserts
Pure Madagascar Bourbon Ground Vanilla - 1 OZ Jar
About LAFAZA - LAFAZA premium vanilla combines a passion for gourmet flavors with a commitment to sustainable sourcing in Madagascar. The company’s all-natural Bourbon vanilla beans are grown in forest systems and are slow-cured to provide the deep, complex flavors found in its products. LAFAZA’s multinational team works directly with cooperatives of smallholder farmers to raise rural incomes while increasing vanilla quality and protecting Madagascar’s unique environment. LAFAZA partners with farmers who use sustainable growing methods. Complex Flavor Simple Values Pure Ground Vanilla Powder LAFAZA’s Pure Ground Vanilla powder contains only 100% hand-selected Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, with no additives or artificial flavors. The process starts with top-quality vanilla beans that are sun-cured and dried to remove nearly all of the moisture in the pod. The beans are then ground into a fine powder and sealed for freshness. Pure Ground Vanilla powder offers the convenience of using vanilla extract, but delivers the intense flavor, unique texture, and visual delights of using whole vanilla beans. It is a delicious, all-natural addition to baked goods, dry mixes, savory dishes, and a wide range of beverages including coffee, smoothies, and specialty cocktails. ---UPC:85445500314
Raspberry Jel Dessert - Contains Sugar - Vegan - 3 OZ Box
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Vegan. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavors. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Certified Kosher.---UPC:79450432986
Rolled Oats Organic Rolled Oats -   1.75#
Maine Grains - Sweet, raw rolled oats grown in Aroostock County, Maine. Best if stored in an air tight container in the freezer or use right away. Keep cool and dry.
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