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 Prosciutto Sliced - 3 OZ
Daniele - After applying sea salt, our Del Duca® Prosciuttos are aged for a minimum of nine months. Our experts inspect each Del Duca® Prosciutto individually to determine when they have reached perfection. The process is lengthy but it ensures that every slice has a consistently sweet - never salty - flavor. UPC: 73643650039
Genoa Salame Chub - 7 OZ
Daniele - Zesty in flavor with a rich, red texture, our Genoa Salame is crafted using wine and fine select spices. Pair Genoa Salame with Muenster cheese in a grilled Panini for a gourmet treat. UPC: 73643650028
Hard Salame Sliced - 3 OZ
Daniele - A traditional dry-cured salame with smoke flavoring, spices and wine, our Hard Salame is delicious when served over a toasted baguette with fresh avocado, tomato and chopped basil. UPC: 73643640038
Daniele - Whether you use it to make your favorite Italian sauce, or add it to your salad, no kitchen is complete without pancetta - and no one makes it better than Daniele! Our traditional dry-cured pancetta is seasoned with wine and peppercorns for an authentic taste. Our Italian-style bacon is the leanest available pork belly on the market. Try pairing Pancetta with eggs for a satisfying, yet simple, gourmet breakfast. UPC: 73643650042
Pepperoni (pre cut) 3 Oz
Daniele -
UPC: 73643650424
Sopressata Chub - 7 OZ
Daniele - The perfect size for slicing and cooking, Sopressata Chubs deliver amazing flavor! For a gourmet treat, skip boring pepperoni and add hot or sweet Sopressata to your next pizza. UPC: 73643650029
Sweet Sopressata Sliced - 3 OZ
Daniele - Made from premium pork, our Sopressata contains no fillers or additives. Coarsely ground, flavored with all-natural spices and then hung to dry, our Sopressata is a treat to be shared with your family and friends. UPC: 73643650037

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