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Beets Organic - 15 Oz
Real Pickles Sweet and tangy beets flavored with onions and rosemary. Delicious on green salads or sandwiches, or as a colorful side dish with any meal. 100% organic. . UPC:18210800007
Caraway Sauerkraut  - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic cabbage, caraway seeds and juniper have been wild fermented to create a traditional sauerkraut flavor that will satisfy all of your bratwurst needs. UPC: 036638500025
Crimson Kraut  - 16 OZ
Hosta Hill - A vibrant mix of lacto-fermented veggies with a mild spice, our tangy Crimson Kraut brings a crunchy burst of probiotic-charged color to any meal. Try it on a sandwich, in a salad or on eggs! UPC: 095225727535
Curtido - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic cabbage, carrots, onions and jalapenos have been wild fermented to create our take on this traditional El Salvadorian recipe. UPC: 036638500162
Dill Pickles - Spicy (Organic) - 26 Oz
Traditional cucumber pickles with a spicy kick. Made with plenty of fresh cayenne, habanero and cilantro, these pickles are perfect for an appetizer or with your favorite sandwich. 100% organic. UPC: 18210800009
Dill Pickles (Organic) - 26 Oz
Real Pickles - Traditional cucumber pickles, with fresh dill and garlic. These are real pickles: naturally fermented without vinegar. The perfect snack or sandwich accompaniment. 100% organic. 18210800000
Ginger Carrots - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic cabbage, carrots, ginger and onions have been wild fermented into an aromatic and flavorful ferment. UPC: 036638500056
Ginger Carrots (Organic) - 15 Oz
These colorful carrots have a gingery zing. Use as a topper with salads, bean dishes, or peanut noodles, or as a filling for spring rolls or nori rolls. 100% organic. UPC: 18210800004
Gochu Curry Kraut - 16 OZ
Hosta Hill - A unique fusion of Indian (curry) and Korean (kimchi peppers) flavors that instantly brings an exciting, exotic flair to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Warming without being too spicy, this 2016 Good Food Award-winning customer favorite is our best-selling kraut and the tastiest way to enjoy all the probiotics, antioxidants and nutrients our handmade ferments have to offer. UPC: 095225727603
Hot Kimchi - Organic
Thirty Acre Farm - Spicy and Sweet! A diverse mix of fermented vegetables. UPC:736211665140
Jalapeno Sauerkraut - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic cabbage and jalapenos have been wild fermented creating a sauerkraut that packs a punch! UPC: 036638500032
UPC: 79898472833
UPC: 79898472834
Kimchi -  (Organic) - 15 Oz
Real Pickles - Our moderately spicy version of the traditional Korean pickle. Fresh, complex flavor with garlic, ginger, and chile pepper. Delicious with stir-fries, noodles, and fish. 100% organic. . UPC: 18210800002
Kimchi  - 16 OZ
Hosta Hill - Those-in-the-know take kimchi VERY seriously, which is why we never get tired of hearing our customers tell us ours is their favorite. A handmade, small-batch Korean-style mix of veggies with that perfect amount of heat and crunch, the distinctive flavor of our 2015 Good Food Award-winning kimchi is a point of pride. UPC: 095225727528
Kimchi - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic napa and green cabbage, radishes, hot peppers and ginger have been wild fermented to create our vegan take on this Korean staple. UPC: 036638500131
Kraut - Beet (organic) - 16 OZ
Lost Art Cultured Foods - N/A UPC: 806802764122
Kraut - Caraway Cabbage (Organic)- 16 OZ
Lost Art Cultured Foods - N/A UPC: 806802764184
Kraut - Chi (Organic)- 16 OZ
Lost Art Cultured Foods - N/A UPC: 806802764146
Kraut - Chipotle (organic) - 16 OZ
Lost Art Cultured Foods - N/A UPC: 806802764160
Lacto-Fermented Hot Sauce  - 5 OZ
Hosta Hill - The best example to date of our ongoing Farm To Ferment Project, our lacto-fermented hot sauce is made exclusively with red jalapeños and garlic grown in our own fields here in the Berkshires. It’s also the best way we know to add a deep, satisfying, probiotic-powered heat to any meal. This special limited-edition bottling, released in December, will only be available while supplies last, so grab some today! UPC: 645871412028
Medium Spicy Kimchi - 16 Oz Jar
A raw vegan take on traditional flavor, Medium Spicy brings a bright, bold tang to a flavorful blend of scallions, ginger, garlic, spicy red pepper, and our ultra-crunchy green cabbage.
Mild White Kimchi Non- Spicy - 16 Oz Jar
Delectably tangy and crisp, Mild White offers a versatile, balanced flavor that combines our distinctive cabbage crunch with the sweetness of red peppers and carrots. UPC: 79151721603
Original Sauerkraut - 16 OZ
Hawthorne Valley - Organic cabbage has been wild fermented through a traditional process that makes our Original Sauerkraut the perfect addition to any meal. UPC: 036638500018
Radish Kimchee Spicy - 16 Oz Jar
Uniquely spicy and tart, daikon radish introduces a smooth texture and briny flavor to our crunchy blend of fermented carrots, scallions, ginger, garlic, and green cabbage.
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