Organic Hurricane Espresso Decaf - 2 Lbs

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Hurricane Espresso Decaf Espresso Roast 100% Organic Coffee Characteristics A decaffeinated whirlwind of dark roasts blended to give a potent, vibrant cup with a calm aftertaste. Decaffeinated using the Natural Water Process. These coffee beans have been certified "USDA Organic" by OCIA. This means they're grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Please note that while all Rogers Coffee is Responsibly Grown on bio-diverse shade-grown farms, our Organic Coffee Co. brand features only coffee those farms that have specifically become organic certified UPC: 75122857705 More details...
Organic Hurricane Espresso Decaf - 2 Lbs
Organic Hurricane Espresso Decaf - 2 Lbs
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