Blueberry Dream Soda (Contains Honey) 4 pack - 6/4/12 oz.

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At Green Bee Soda, we handcraft beverages that harness the power of local bees to offer a healthy alternative to mass produced soda. Our artisanal approach to soda making is unique. We use simple, all natural formulations in all our products. Our flavors are derived from the use of fresh, natural ingredients combined with old world brewing processes that eschew the use of shortcuts employed by conventional beverage manufacturers. The use of honey as our exclusive sweetener helps support a critical link in our food system, the Honey Bee! Handcrafted from Fresh Pressed Wild Maine Blueberries and Maine Wildflower Honey “A True Taste of Maine” UPC:85800900203 More details...
Blueberry Dream Soda (Contains Honey)  4 pack - 6/4/12 oz.
Blueberry Dream Soda (Contains Honey) 4 pack - 6/4/12 oz.
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Product Details
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Wild Blueberry Juice, Wildflower Honey, Ginger, Citric Acid

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