Sardines (Lightly Smoked) in Olive Oil - 4.25 OZ

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Brand: Bela
BELA Portuguese Sardines are wild caught by local family fisheries exclusively off the non-industrialized, unpolluted, cool Atlantic waters of the Portuguese coast. Unlike most other brands which are caught, frozen, shipped thousands of miles for packing and then reshipped to the USA, BELA Sardines are packed fresh in Portugal, within 8 hours of the catch. This accounts for BELA’s unparalleled freshness, gourmet quality, and taste. The BELA Company supports established, sustainable fishing practices. BELA has been awarded the MSC Certificate for Sustainable Seafood by the Marine Sustainability Council. BELA uses only recyclable aluminum cans which have BPA–NIA free lining. In addition, BELA Sardines have been classified as OU kosher by the Orthodox Union. BELA Sardines are imported from Portugal by Purse Seine Holdings, LLC, a company based in Massachusetts. -- - UPC:63360050230 More details...
Sardines (Lightly Smoked) in Olive Oil - 4.25 OZ
Sardines (Lightly Smoked) in Olive Oil - 4.25 OZ
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Ingredients: Portuguese Sardines, Olive Oil, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor

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