Brown Teff Flour - Gluten Free - 25#**

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Teff is a tiny cereal grain that comes from North Africa. In fact, it’s the tiniest grain in the world. The word “teff” means “lost” in English, because the seeds are so small, they’re easily lost. Teff may be small, but it’s big on nutrition. Our Brown Teff Flour is high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, calcium and iron. Teff also contains more protein than wheat, and has NO GLUTEN, making it a very healthy choice for people with Celiac disease or wheat allergies. Teff has a sweet, nutty taste similar to hazelnuts with a millet-like consistency. Use Brown Teff Flour in any recipe calling for flour: • To make pie crusts • To bake bread, muffins and cookies • To use as a coating when sauteing fish, chicken or pork ---------UPC:0068708004714 More details...
Brown Teff Flour - Gluten Free - 25#**
Brown Teff Flour - Gluten Free - 25#**
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Ingredients: Brown Teff

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