Cracked Oats - Maine Grown - Kosher - 40#

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MAINE GRAINS ---Rolled Oats & Cracked Oats--- Oats are a crop ideally suited to cool moist climates. Oats are a beneficial addition to the farm ecosystem and a healthful addition to the human diet. Different from steam treated rolled oats where the enzymes and fats have been denatured with steam heat for extending shelf life, our oats are dry rolled, preserving a sweet and creamy texture. Our oats are intended to be eaten fresh. Cracked oats resemble and cook just like a steel cut oat. A ratio of two parts water to one part oats is recommended for cooking. Soak overnight for softer oatmeal. Rolled oats make porridge in 15 minutes, cracked oats simmer for 25-30 minutes. Best if stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator or freezer. - Grown in Aroostook County, ME - Variety “AC Aylmer” and “Goliath” hulled oats ---Please note: when available, Maine Grains will purchase certified organic oats from Maine farmers and make them available at no extra cost. This is in an effort to encourage increased supply where supply is currently limited. Packaging in that case will be appropriately marked as certified organic.---UPC:85804300323 More details...
Cracked Oats - Maine Grown - Kosher - 40#
Cracked Oats - Maine Grown - Kosher - 40#
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Ingredients: Cracked Oats

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