Pasta: Whole Grain Trumpets - 5#

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Sfoglini - Sfoglini's whole-grain blend features an organic hard red flour from the New York Hudson Val-ley. Hard Red Wheat with higher protein levels and a darker wheat bran offers exceptional flavor, texture integrity and nutritional benefits. The rich, robust flour is fantastic when made in-to trumpets as it holds its shape in fluted petals like a flower or a horn. It is exceptionally fanciful with its frills and delicious when accompanied by a thick cheese sauce, or tossed with vegetables, beans, lentils in a pasta salad or baked in a casserole. - UPC: 851980005451 More details...
Pasta: Whole Grain Trumpets  - 5#
Pasta: Whole Grain Trumpets - 5#
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Ingredients: Organic Hard Red Wheat, Organic Durum Semolina, Water

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